The Space Challenge Of In-the-Box Packaging

The Concept Of Sustainable Packaging Is Gaining Momentum

Before 2019, the packaging of e-commerce logistics is still in traditional foam packaging, which is used 

for cushioning protection during transportation. However, the occurrence of COVID-19 has raised 

everyone's attention to environmental issues, and the use of a large amount of plastic will only increase 

environmental pollution and air pollution, which further illustrates the importance of our sustainable packaging.

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Packaging Trends And Consumer Advantages

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact their transportation choices can have on the environment. In fact, 

75% of Chinese consumers want more brands to use recyclable packaging instead of plastic for inner box packaging. 

When consumers receive express packaging, it will take more time and energy to distribute garbage, and improper 

distribution will lead to There is a certain impact on the environment, and not only that, these plastic wastes are difficult 

to decompose, and may simply end up in landfills.

Whether it is from an environmental point of view or a consumer point of view, it is obviously imperative to replace plastic 

with sustainable packaging, and it shows consumers' preference for sustainable packaging, and it can also bring better 

cushioning effects, but how to make it Implant consumers' trust in these packages is the primary task of NRTEC's packaging 



How Buffering Solutions Work

First of all, the most important thing about inner box packaging is the reasonable use of space and protection. It must fully 

protect the items it buffers in the box. Engineers can simulate most of the situations that will happen in the real express delivery 

process, record the gravity and damage degree of the items, and the pressure caused by the influence of the earth's surface, and 

determine what kind of packaging can achieve the best item protection. And reduce product cracking or scratching.

Second, the properties of the item are also particularly important, and the appropriate level of protection for an item depends on 

its weight and fragility. Once the amount of cushioning is determined, a custom solution can be designed to balance protection 

and cost-effectiveness.

Finally, the inner box packaging is the inner box transportation protection caused by some force majeure factors that will occur in 

various transportation. Although traditional foam packaging is low in price, it will incur some other costs. NRTEC's paper pad system 

is easy to use and fill, and quickly ejects and folds the kraft paper pad required. NRTEC's paper pad system can easily distribute 

different lengths of kraft paper to meet a variety of products with different attributes, and achieve the best effect of recyclability.

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