Provide Sustainable Solutions Through Buyer Motivations And Behaviors

With the importance and popularity of sustainable solutions, it concerns every department and its development direction with 

different daily business needs. Understanding buyers' purchasing intentions and behaviors can help you customize solutions to 

meet their needs more intuitively.

It is undoubted that, as professional packaging professionals and mature packaging companies, most business leaders hope to 

develop sustainable packaging and increase investment in this area, aiming to help customers achieve sustainable development goals, 

and at the same time Continue to meet daily business needs.

As the company needs to develop sustainable goals, it also illustrates the importance of each link and each department.

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Understand Your Buyer Motivation And Accurate Portrait

An in-depth understanding of customers' purchase intentions and behavioral motivations can clearly understand customer needs. 

What product do they want? What can cause a return? What will affect the customer's desire to buy?

You will find that on the way to purchase, you will encounter various problems and each link is particularly important. 

Raw materials-production-finished products-warehousing-packaging-delivery-receiving and other links are closely linked.

When you use improper packaging materials, the product will be damaged, which will cause the customer's bad receiving experience 

and return situation, and will reduce the customer's praise for the company. Then it will also increase the burden on the warehouse, 

the processing of returned goods, and cause the loss in the middle of the freight and so on.

Choose corresponding packaging materials according to different products to reduce the impact of damaged products on the environment. 

Use competitive sustainable packaging materials to reduce the impact on the environment and the company, which will also reduce a large 

part of warehouse labor costs and time costs in customer service and other links.

To reduce the cost in this area, we need to solve the problem fundamentally. Choose suitable sustainable packaging materials to reduce 

damage rate and environmental impact.

For example, if you choose honeycomb wrapping paper, it is characterized by strong inclusiveness and good ductility and can accommodate 

items of various shapes. Colorful color customization can improve the customer's receiving experience, and the 3D honeycomb structure can 

provide shock absorption to protect products.

Secondly, paper bubbles, a new and multi-functional paper-based packaging material, use the paper bubble machine to extrude the flat 

kraft paper into a bubble shape to produce cushioning and shock absorption, and uses competitive packaging to reduce impact Loss rate, 

thereby reducing the cost of the warehouse and the impact on the environment.

Product damage also has an impact on the marketing department as it affects product reviews, company reputation, and customer impressions. 

The marketing department will have the right direction to conduct transmission, highlight the company's advantages, and produce some 

information that is easy to understand and can impress customers.

Choosing an effective and competitive packaging material can reduce losses and impressions in all aspects. Positive reviews can also influence 

how employees think about their jobs, develop sustainable goals for the long term, and work with suppliers who take their environmental 

impact seriously.

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