Industrial Smart Paper Void Fill Machine Size 131*91*237cm Kraft Paper Protection Packaging System PPO-3

Paper Cushion Machine System PPO-3
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The paper cushion machine PPO-3 occupies a small area of only 131*91*237cm, and the feature that it can be moved at any time has become one of its advantages. PPO-3 is designed based on the air cushion machine blowing frame machine, and the kraft paper cushion is transferred to the upper collection frame for storage through the upper blowing pipe. It is an on-demand, low-maintenance, and low-cost automatic paper pad packaging system specially designed for industrial users and medium and large enterprises. 

Secondly, the operation of the paper cushion machine pipeline transmission can also prevent employees from being injured. When packing, you only need to reach out to the collection box to take out the kraft paper pad, and the collection box has an induction function, and the production of the kraft paper pad will stop when it is full.

*Easy to use and accessible

*Moderate height, in line with the human artificial height

*Time-saving, low maintenance, and small footprint

*Produces 100% recyclable kraft paper void filler

*2 paper options to meet various product packaging needs

Product Details

Paper Void Fill Machine Features

The paper cushion machine PPO-3 is an in-box paper void packaging system that integrates efficiency and production, 

using less paper to get better packaging results for you.

*Provides cushioning, support and padding

*Simple, durable, and efficient

*Designed for ease of operation and use

*Basic LED touchscreen

*The bottom pulley can be moved at any time

*High storage capacity and high efficiency

*Kraft paper pads are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly

*Suitable for industrial, packaging workstation, and warehouse use

Paper cushion machine PPO-3 is based on 2 kinds of kraft paper, base paper, and recyclable paper, base paper 50g or 

70g optional, the difference in gram weight is also different for the strength of kraft paper, so you can choose according 

to product requirements when choosing.

Paper Void Filling Machine Product Details


                                                                Compact Buffering Effect               

 The kraft paper pad is squeezed and folded by the patented gear so that it has the function of filling, buffering, 

and protection.


                                                        Efficient And Easy To Store Packaging

Paper cushion machine PPO-3 can be produced according to production needs, low maintenance, and low-cost 

automatic paper void filling system.


                                                                LED Touch Screen

                Simple length settings and pattern selection make packaging simpler and more efficient.

Paper Cushion Machine Module Details 


We are a professional manufacturer of cushion packaging machines and provide one-stop packaging solutions.

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