Automatic Water Activated Tape Machine Supports 110-220v For Sealing Cartons

July 27, 2022

The development of the packaging industry with the development of science and technology and the popularity of online shopping has also increased the demand for packaging. There are a variety of materials and methods to package your product and keep it safe.

However, we cannot deny that it would be foolish to talk about the safety of your belongings without using effective adhesives or tapes. Do you agree?

of course!

Applying tape to the box during the packaging process is a key measure to protect the goods. Therefore, you must choose it carefully. However, the water-activated tape is considered the most effective one, so you should prefer it for safe packing.

Let us discuss the role and properties of water-activated tape in this article.

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1. What Is The Water-activated Tape?

2. How Does Water-Activated Tape Work?

3.4 Tips for Proper Use of Water Activated Tape

4. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water-activated Tape

5. How To Choose A Water-activated Tape Dispenser?

6. Final Words

What Is The Water-activated Tape?

Water-activated tape is a kind of tape that uses kraft pulp as raw material. The water-activated tape has a layer of adhesive 

on one side that activates quickly as long as it is wet. And, you can also be equipped with a water-activated tape dispenser 

to activate the adhesive on the tape.

The advantage of this water-activated tape is that it doesn't smudge and is easy to handle until you use water.

How Does Water-Activated Tape Work?

The adhesive present on the paper tape after activation penetrates the cardboard. Therefore, instead of just sticking to the 

surface the adhesive soaks into the fibers of the cardboard and ensures firm attachment. 

4 Tips for Proper Use of Water Activated Tape

  1. 1. Application of Water 

The most crucial and foremost step is to deal with the water wisely as all the adhesion game plays around the water. Make 

sure to use clean water and apply it properly over the tape. While using the reservoir water bottle you should keep it still. 

Also, you don’t need enough water to apply, instead, partial wetting of the tape can work effectively. Hence, with the 

the proper amount of water, you can achieve the perfect consistency.

2. The Temperature Of The Water

When it comes to setting the water temperature, usually you’re recommended to set it at 110 F. Typically, the Water-activated tapes 

feature an electric heater that rests on the upper part of the brushes. The heater let the water warm when it passes by.

Mainly, users face the issue when they overheat the thermostat. The overheated water closes the adhesive too fast. Additionally, you'll 

observe that the adhesive sticks to the brush making it untidy. 

3. Maintain The Brushes

Another tip for the better performance of the water-activated tape is the maintenance of brushes. Cleaning the brushes frequently should 

be the priority of any WAT dispenser user. However, We recommend you clean or wash the brushes once to times every week.

4. Keep The Tape Straight

Typically, water-activated tape dispensers have two types of baffles and retaining plates that help the tape align properly inside it 

during application.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water-activated Tape

The water-activated tape has both advantages and disadvantages in use. Here are some of them;


●High durability and tensile strength make it very tough.

● Tamper-proof, when someone removes the tape, it damages the cardboard surface which helps with security purposes.

●Can deal with harsh conditions such as high temperature and low temperature.

●Also, compared to other plastic tapes, it provides a neat look to your packaging.

● Most importantly, it allows you to write on it. So, you can design your logo on it for branding purposes.

●Water-activated tape minimizes the chance of injury when applied with the help of a water-activated tape dispenser rather than hand tape.

●Most users prefer this tape because of its recyclability. This is an environmentally friendly solution.

●Customized, it can have different sizes and two color options

● Does not contain any harmful ingredients, non-toxic.



● No doubt, water-activated tapes are reasonable but the water-activated dispenser is relatively expensive.

● Unfortunately, it is not good for packaging plastic boxes. WAT doesn’t adhere to plastic firmly. 

How To Choose A Water-activated Tape Dispenser?

Generally, there are two types of water-activated tape dispensers, electric and manual. When you want to choose one of the two, you 

should consider the following parameters;

Does your workstation have power?

You all know that electric water-activated dispensers require power to operate. So, if your workstation is powered or powered, you 

should definitely go with an electric tape dispenser. However, if there is no power supply, use a manual power supply.

Do you have a higher volume environment?

Let's do some calculations! Do you pack about 50 or more cartons per day? If yes, then you must prefer an electric dispenser as it will 

help you increase the productivity of your business. Not only because they give you the length of tape you need with just one tap. In 

addition, it reduces user fatigue and its large water tank can hold 2 liters of water. It's okay to work even for a day.

Final Words

In the end, you are here with ample knowledge about water-activated tape and dispensers. You may conclude that water-activated tape 

is a precious gem for your packaging business. It not only protects your products but also helps in brand promotion. All you need is 

to use it wisely. 

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