Professional Environmental Protection Honeycomb Cushion Protection Packaging 50cm For Packaging

Professional Environmental Protection Honeycomb Cushion Protection Packaging 50cm For Packaging

Honeycomb paper roll cushion protection packaging is a substitute for traditional foam packaging and plastic packaging. The use of honeycomb paper packaging can be used on-demand, packaging exquisite gifts, and so on.



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What Is Honeycomb Paper?

The raw material of the honeycomb paper is the raw material of kraft paper pulp, which is 100% environmentally 

friendly and recyclable. The interior is a natural honeycomb structure, which can effectively protect the transported 

products and achieve a decorative effect. It can also ensure the safety of your valuables when moving or storing and 

improve the customer experience Degree and desire to buy.

Product Specifications

ItemHoneycomb Paper Roll
MOQWe accept 1 roll delivery
MaterialRussia paper
Length10/20/30/50/60/80/100/150/250 meters per roll
Width30/40/50 cm
Weight70/80 gsm
ColorBrown, white, black
Lead Time3-7 Days for sample

Product Advantages

1. Customized service

Honeycomb paper packaging can accept size and packaging customization to improve corporate visibility.

2. Wide Range Of Uses

Honeycomb paper wrap can be used to wrap ceramic or glassware, electronic products, or any other delicate/fragile 

items to prevent breakage and general damage. Use it to protect your most important items while moving.

3. Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

The environmentally friendly packaging solution of honeycomb paper is a perfect substitute for non-recyclable plastic 

cushioning packaging. It is 100% recyclable and reduces the use of other filling materials, which is better for the environment.

4. Strong protection and good extensibility

The honeycomb paper is stretched slightly to produce a honeycomb structure, which can provide perfect protection and 

prevent items from being damaged during transportation.

5. A stylish packaging design

The unique appearance of the honeycomb design and the materials used to make the cushion cover a super fashionable alternative 

in the honeycomb packaging market, and there are three colors to choose from, which is an excellent first impression when delivering 

goods to customers Way.


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