An Unforgettable Unboxing Experience Also Represents Recognition

The current trend of online shopping is becoming more and more popular, which will also arouse everyone's awareness and 

requirements for the unboxing experience.

Executive Summary:

In fact, the unboxing experience should not be underestimated, but why? The unboxing experience can be reflected from the side 

as the connection and key touch point between the brand and consumers.

Consumers also hope that their packages can be delivered safely and beautifully. For example, some big brands 

such as Estee Lauder, etc., the packaging is exquisite and represents the brand concept, including its design and image logo, 

which deepens consumers' impression of this brand, giving a "wow" unboxing experience.

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A good unpacking experience can help you understand consumers' preferences and recognition from the side. You can know that 

they not only like our products but also have high requirements for our packaging. For example: In a store I often buy, in addition to 

the branded packaging of the products, the merchant will also put some small candies, so consumers will not only praise the usability 

of the product but also give praise and praise to the delicious candy. I like it, and this also deepened a lot of impressions.

The Most Intriguing Unboxing Trends

Today, virtually every consumer group has an unboxing experience, depending on what they expect from the brand or retailer they are buying from.

So, what kind of packaging material is the most suitable and impressive?

Honeycomb Wrapping Paper

Honeycomb paper is a lightweight, durable, and customizable curbside recyclable packaging material, honeycomb wrapping paper can be 

easily cross-cut into a 3D honeycomb structure packaging, which can be your The package is tightly packed and reduces a collision and 

extrusion during transportation to ensure safe transportation.

When giving gifts, ribbons can be used for bundling and decoration to increase the joy of the surprise and unpacking experience, 

and consumers don't have to worry about how to deal with these packages.

Kraft Paper Pad

Kraft paper pad packaging is extruded and folded into protective materials with cushioning and shock absorption by using the gears of 

the paper cushion machine, similar to some large industrial products, valuable fragile products, medical supplies, etc., which can achieve 

environmental protection and protection.

Air Cushion Packaging

The air cushion film can form a protective cushion under the inflating action of the air cushion machine, which can effectively fill the 

inner space of the carton and prevent the package from shifting and colliding, ensuring the safe arrival of the product. The logo and color 

can be customized, and the transparent appearance can also increase the beauty of the packaging, The recyclable feature is also a 

sustainable alternative to traditional plastic and foam packaging.

Customized Unboxing

Customization is a trend. Companies can customize packaging according to their own brand logo or slogan. Personalized information is 

also, a good way to help consumers feel engaged and connected with their purchases.

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