Industrial Cardboard Shredder: Get Free Packaging Materials

June 13, 2024

With the implementation of the plastic ban, many companies are looking for more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. In addition to honeycomb paper, kraft paper, or air cushion film, cardboard boxes can also be used as environmentally friendly packaging materials, and they are even free. This article will introduce the working principle of the cardboard shredder and its role in the packaging industry.

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Table of contents:

1. What is a cardboard shredder?

2. Desktop or industrial style?

3. How does a cardboard shredder work?

4. Conclusion

What is a cardboard shredder?

Cardboard shredders, also known as cardboard perforators, are mainly used to convert cardboard or waste cardboard into usable packaging materials. 

As the saying goes, turning waste into treasure, a recyclable machine that can reuse waste materials, cardboard shredders can shred various paper materials, 

including but not limited to A4 paper, mailing bags, or 6mm cardboard.

cardboard shredder

Using cardboard shredders, you can convert cartons stored in warehouses into protective materials for packaging and transportation for free, 

eliminating the need to purchase expensive packaging materials, saving recyclable fees, and reducing the circulation and transportation costs 

of plastic packaging materials.

cardboard shredder

Cardboard shredders are packaging machines that feed cardboard into a honeycomb shape with cushioning and shock-absorbing properties through 

internal gears and cutters. This material is widely used in various industries, especially in industry and transportation logistics, warehousing, and distribution centers, 

which often involve shipping and packaging. Using crushed cardboard to obtain packaging materials saves 20% of the procurement cost for enterprises.

Considering that the thickness of cardboard boxes will be different, we recommend that the thickness should not be too thick and within 6mm when using 

a cardboard shredder, because it has a similar working principle to a shredder and contains a cutting motor, and other parts, but there is an additional cutting gear structure,

so if you want to shred A4 paper, mailing bags, or 200g paper at work, it can also do it.(We have videos of cutting these papers, please contact us for viewing)

These block or honeycomb cardboards are widely used, but different cardboard shredders have different uses. We provide compact desktop and industrial cardboard shredders, 

read on to learn about the difference between the two.

cardboard box shredder

Converting waste cardboard into honeycomb void fill packaging material

You can put any paper you want to shred into the opening of the cardboard shredder, and the gear structure inside the machine will 

automatically punch holes in the cardboard to form a honeycomb-shaped buffer net to tightly wrap the items or use it as a filler in the box 

to protect the products in the carton and the items to be transported.

Rest assured that the cardboard puncher is equipped with a chip box device, and the excess paper chips will enter inside for easy cleaning. Of course, 

please remember that if the thickness exceeds the controllable thickness, the machine may cause a jam.

Desktop or industrial style?

Desktop cardboard shredder HP-EX2

The compact appearance design of the desktop cardboard shredder saves more space and is more affordable. The cutting speed is 3m/min, 

which is more suitable for small transportation warehousing and logistics centers.

Product features:

*Appearance: compact and low-capacity, desktop

*Cutting width: within 320mm

*Cutting thickness: within 6mm

*Voltage: 110v-230v

cardboard shredder

Industrial cardboard shredder HP-EX1000

The cardboard shredder HP-EX1000 is a stand-alone and mobile machine with a cutting speed of 15m/min, which is more suitable for 

large shipments such as industry or medium and large transportation and distribution centers.

Product Features:

*Appearance: Freestanding and Mobile

*Cutting Width: Cutting Width 500mm

*Cutting Thickness: Feed Height 20mm

*Knife Slot: 5mm Width

*Voltage: 110v-230v

cardboard shredder

How does a cardboard shredder work?

The cardboard shredder is very easy to use and does not require additional manual training:

1. Plug in the power and turn on the machine

2. Adjust the button to feed paper, select a suitable cardboard, and insert it into the cardboard puncher

3. The shredded cardboard will be discharged from the back of the machine

4. The ejected cardboard can be used directly for packaging or void filling in boxes

The cardboard shredder can shred any type of paper, even cardboard with small nails, but make sure the cardboard is complete and flat. If there is a break 

in the middle of the cardboard, the excess part will be stuck. A4 paper can only be shredded if it is thick enough, or cardboard that is too thick cannot be crushed, 

and needs to be used within a controllable thickness range, otherwise it will be difficult for it to bear.


The cardboard shredder is a packaging device with low-cost or free packaging materials in the current packaging market, which also saves recyclable costs. 

Shredding the cardboard into paper packaging materials with strips and gaps to simplify the packaging process, will be of great help to some distribution centers.

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