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April 24, 2023

Online shopping has become an increasing focus over the last few years. Therefore, the need for packaging materials is increasing 

day by day in the eCommerce business. In addition, large-scale manufacturing industries aim to securely pack their goods for safe 

export and shipment.

Both as a user and as a packer you might be concerned about what are the characteristics of perfect packaging. Usually, all companies 

opt to offer an exciting unboxing experience to their customers. Thus, they are always in the search of better packaging ideas. Well, 

are you also one of them striving to know the characteristics of good packaging?

If yes, then this post is absolutely for you. Let's have a look at this valuable piece of information.

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Why Do You Need Good Packaging For Your Items? 

Before proceeding to the characteristics, let's understand why exactly you need quality packaging. The very first objective of 

quality packaging is to ensure the safety of your goods during transit. You'll never wish that your customers receive broken 

items. This will not only result in a loss of money but also you'll lose your reputation.

On top of that, you actually want to attract and retain the attention of your customers. Especially, the environmentally friendly packaging 

material lasts a pleasing effect on the customers. Also, good packaging reflects the quality of your product and it explains your 

devotion to your business.

5 Characteristics Of Good Packaging

Here, in this section, you'll come to know about some exciting features of perfect packaging. So, stay in touch till the end of this 

post. Ultimately, you'll gain pretty well packaging knowledge.

1. Protective 

The first and foremost important feature of good packaging is protectivity. Certainly, you can't deny that your products will suffer 

a lot without secure packaging.

Your packaging needs to use suitable materials and design to make sure that they reach its destination safely. Primarily, during transit, 

your products have to face many bumpy and shaky routes. As a result, your item forcefully comes in contact with the walls of the 

container. This may result in damaging the products.

Therefore, in such circumstances, you need to use perfect shock-absorbing void-fill material such as inflated air cushions.



2. Convenient To Use

While creating any packaging material take care that it should be easy and convenient to handle for both customers and retailers. 

Generally, customers don't love heavy packaging materials. So, it's better to go for lighter options such as air cushions, kraft paper, 

bubble wrap, or honeycomb paper.

Moreover, never prefer the type of packaging that creates a mess. You might be aware of packing peanuts that how messy they are. 

Hence, avoid using such packaging materials that create difficulty for your customers.


Another way to enhance your product packaging is its use as a branding opportunity. How can you do so?

Simply, print your brand logos on the packaging material. Additionally, you may also write short messages for your customers on the packaging. 

As a result, it will help create your brand value and draw more customers toward you. In short, branding is a marketing tool for your business.

*Easy to Store

Once you're packing your objects, must think;

Will it be easy for your customers to store your packaging material or will they find it difficult in stocking them? Can your customers 

reuse your packaging and material?

Always go for the type of packaging that has a comforting effect on your customer. For instance, kraft paper or honeycomb wrapping paper 

is pretty favorable for users because it is sustainable. Besides this, it can be easily stored in the warehouse or store due to its lightweight. 

Likewise, you may also consider air pillows to achieve this objective.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Last but not least characteristic of good packaging is its environmentally friendly nature. Due to the increasing world pollution, people are 

preferring to switch to eco-friendly alternatives.

Typically, plastic packaging is responsible for massive pollution.

Hence, you should adopt sustainable packaging options. Fortunately, paper cushions are made up of 100% recyclable material.  That is the 

the reason why customers love to have them in their packaging boxes.

However, using environmentally friendly materials indicates your brand values and responsibility.

How To Choose The Right Packaging For Your Products? 

The following are some parameters you should consider before choosing the suitable packaging material;

*Determine your Budget

Your pocket will decide which material or what type of packaging you should go for. There are cheap as well as expensive types of packaging 

available in the market. So, you should choose it accordingly.

However, the cost of packaging entirely depends upon your customization choices. Apart from that, you’ll never forget that if you use 

unreliable packaging material you should be ready to pay the loss. This is because low-quality material will result in damage to the products 

which wouldn’t be good for your business.

Therefore, always make wise decisions.

*Take Transport Considerations 

It is favorable to consider the type of transport you have to use for transporting your item before deciding the type of packaging. Make sure 

you use a sturdy carton and suitable void-fill material for the sake of the protection of your goods.

Here are some transport options available to transit your products;


Often large companies prefer airfreight transport for urgent transit of products. Undoubtedly, this is the safest mode of transportation. Yet, it's 

not possible to export every kind of product; only limited products can be transferred.

However, make sure your packaging material is capable of bearing atmospheric changes.

*Road Transport

Almost every product has to experience road transport during its shipping. It is the most cost-effective mode of transportation, especially for 

short-distance transit. Plus, it allows monitoring of the products during traveling.

Whereas, you should pack the products in such a way that they can tolerate the bumpy routes. It's better to use shock-absorbing void fills.

Bottom line

In the end, you are better aware of the tips and tricks of a good packaging system. Hope so this post will help you both as a packer and as a customer. 

However, you may buy packaging machines for a better comfort level. They'll help you to increase productivity. Otherwise, you may buy 

packaging materials from online shops.

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