R&D And Innovation For Sustainable Packaging

October 25, 2023

In the company's spirit of continuous progress and active encouragement of innovation, we are proud to announce and launch 

the "100-Day Operation Plan" for the R&D department. It is intended to motivate and reward our R&D department, which can be 

used to improve and provide innovative opinions to better promote our new product development, product improvement, and 

other product updates.

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Activity background: Provide opportunities and encourage innovation

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the independent research and development and production of sustainable products, 

providing high-quality products and one-on-one services, and is committed to the continuous pursuit of innovation and excellent 

development to provide a better platform. In order to tap and encourage employees' enthusiasm, we decided to launch this 100-day plan 

to encourage employees to boldly challenge themselves and use them for innovative research and development.

Implement Battle Plan

Goal: The main purpose of holding this 100-day battle plan is to stimulate the creativity of employees and strive to promote new 

product development, product improvement, after-sales improvements of products, etc. We encourage employees to 

actively participate and reward teams and individuals for completing tasks.

Reward mechanism: After 100 days, the teams and individuals who have completed the best work plan will be commended and 

encouraged with bonuses or trophies and promotion mechanisms.

Within the operational plan, various departments can collaborate or assist across departments, and regular progress reports are 

required during the operation to ensure that our goals can be achieved and exceeded as scheduled.

Present Results And Continuously Surpass

We look forward to significant success in the next 100 days, including but not limited to:

-More and more innovative products and packaging solutions to meet customer needs

-More complete and high-quality after-sales product guarantee service process details to continuously improve service quality.

-Closer and greater collaboration among various departments to achieve common progress.

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