NRTEC Offers Digital Printing Capabilities In Honeycomb Paper Mailer Bags

November 23, 2023

Offering a lightweight, durable, and curbside recyclable honeycomb paper mailer packaging that delivers a “wow” unboxing experience 

for impactful brand messaging.

NRTEC has two subsidiaries, YJNPACK and Linkair, which focus on sustainable packaging concepts for brands and provide a series of 

environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Provide customers with a high-impact brand message, including the brand logo and slogan, 

through this curbside recyclable honeycomb paper mailer bag.

With the current network era of information technology, the demand for electronic commerce is increasing. The competitiveness between brands 

is also gradually increasing, and it is gradually penetrating into brand packaging. Therefore, more and more people have a gradually increasing 

demand for lightweight, sustainable, durable, and cost-effective packaging, and the visual packaging will also be even more impressive.

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The interior of the honeycomb paper mailer bag is made of staggered vertical and horizontal honeycomb paper, which replaces 

the traditional bubble mailer bag. In the transportation method, it also replaces the redundant cartons, thereby further reducing costs 

and material waste. The protection mechanism is anti-fall and has a shock-absorbing function. You only need to add items to be transported inside, 

which improves the efficiency of distribution and packaging.

The additional digital printing function and brand information customization function that can be added allow customers to enhance their impression of the brand 

and provide an unforgettable and surprising unboxing experience. It not only provides protection but is also environmentally friendly, and even 

reduces transportation and other after-sales problems.

Within the packaging industry, packaging brands such as “Ranpak” and “Pregis” are promoting paper packaging, citing a quote from Kevin Baudhuin: 

“Packaging provides e-commerce and retail brands with the opportunity to stand out and make a statement.” By providing digital printing and 

customization services for sustainable packaging products, whether from the customer's perspective or the brand's perspective, we can provide brand concepts 

and shopping experiences while achieving its sustainable development goals. The high-quality protective packaging of honeycomb paper envelopes 

can also achieve fast transportation turnaround and delivery.

With the development of sustainable packaging as its main concept, NRTEC continues to develop and produce complete packaging solutions and provide brands 

with excellent experience and product purchasing experience to solve the problem of high transportation costs to the greatest extent.

NRTEC provides consumers with a full range of packaging services, ensuring the safety of transported items while delivering fast packaging, thereby achieving 

a "wow" purchasing experience. The honeycomb paper mailer bag is just one of the company's many products, and these products are developed with the 

intention of providing customers with a commitment to sustainable solutions.


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