Sustainable Paper Solutions - Eliminate Product Damage

By using the kraft paper pad packaging system, the company, and customers can establish a friendly contact point, which not 

only solves the customer's packaging needs for products but also achieves a sustainable packaging environment, thereby 

minimizing unnecessary losses.

With the fast-paced development of society, people are not only buying goods while shopping, which is far from enough. 

The potential meaning also includes product packaging and transportation protection needs. It will also increase the sale of other 

items to expand the business. For example: TWO EIGHT sells ceramic bowls, plates, etc., as well as glasses, spoons, and small dishes. 

Like Airwave, which sells air cushion machine packaging systems, it will also sell some supporting intelligent collection equipment systems.

The seemingly simple process of packaging is fraught with complexity, and many dealers are looking for environmentally friendly solutions 

that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize the number of different machines, procedures, and materials used.

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Choose The Right Packaging System

For different products and concepts, there will be different packaging requirements. Finding the packaging system that suits your needs 

also depends on your product, but kraft paper pads can meet various packaging requirements with a paper cushion machine.

Optimize The Direction Of Operation

Enterprises should have a clear understanding of the direction and situation of their operations, and how long the goods of 

general dealers stay. Do they consider environmental protection? Whether to take some professional box protection measures 

to minimize losses.

Solve Various Packaging Problems

NRTEC provides a variety of void-filling and multifunctional and intelligent packaging systems, providing professional cushioning and 

support protection. For example: the kraft paper cushion machine system can provide protection for various fragile items, valuables, medical 

supplies, etc., including the protection of heavier items such as aircraft parts and industrial supplies in daily life.

The kraft paper cushion can withstand the wrapping and protection of heavier items, which can reduce a large number of customer 

return problems, The kraft paper is light and does not increase shipping costs, and it is even a choice for environmental protection 

enthusiasts. For items that need to be held tightly, there are a variety of ways to squeeze and fold them through a padding machine 

into premium padding for extra transport protection.

Void Fill

For effective void-filling applications, the kraft paper void filling packaging system provided by NRTEC can fill the voids in the carton, 

thereby reducing the damage caused by collision and extrusion of the product in the packing box, and saving the space of the carton.

The gear structure inside the packaging system of the paper cushion machine and its own cutting structure enable kraft paper to be fully 

squeezed into pads for packaging, and the fast throughput also ensures packaging efficiency. They can also be customized with logos and colors, 

making them ideal for any distribution center, from large purpose-built warehouses to in-store micro-distribution centers.

Sustainable* Recyclable System

By using 100% recyclable paper instead of traditional plastic and foam materials, the company's good image and sustainable 

development can be enhanced.

Kraft paper is made of 100% pulp, so it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and both machines and packaging materials have 

obtained CE and FSC certification to ensure product safety.

The Perfect Packaging Partner

Finding an efficient and suitable sustainable packaging system is both a challenge and an opportunity and even requires the combination of 

environmental protection. Therefore, enterprises must meet the needs of various users while developing sustainably.

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