We have set up a dedicated R&D department to innovate and design new eco-friendly packaging machines and materials. Our engineers have used professional technology and advanced design concepts to provide customized services and products to more than 5,000 customers around the world.

Factory Direct Supply Cheap Price Paper Cushion Material For Shipping Protection

As the cushioning market is maturing, more attention is given to costs-in-the-box. YJNPACK now offers a complete range of cushioning solutions with corresponding price points to serve every customer need. The new Technology creates a more voluminous pad which enables perfect cushioning while less paper (quality) is needed.

YJNPACK Packaging Warehouse Introduction With Fast Shipping

YJNPACK is one of China's leading sustainable packaging manufacturers. It has a large warehouse and standardized finished product storage 

and delivery management. On the premise of ensuring quality, it can also focus on customer needs to meet customer delivery and goods. 

Packaging safety, providing production of various paper packaging materials and consumables.

Auto Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser NT-AT First Unboxing

For some overall multi-functional and multi-mode packaging machines, most customers will not know how to operate and install them 

after receiving the products. Therefore, we install and explain the products accurately so that customers can install and install them 

immediately after receiving them to use.

From this video, you can know:

1. What is the overall packaging of the tape dispenser?

2. How to install a water activated tape dispenser?

3. How to use an automatic tape machine?

Oem Odm High Quality Air Cushion Packaging Machine For Busy Warehouse

Our main products are protective packaging machinery and material include an Air cushion machine, Air column machine, Paper cushion machine, Water-activated tape dispenser, Gummed tape dispensers, Air cushion film, Air column packaging, Paper tape machine, etc.We provide OEM and ODM services, and we can customize and design products according to your requirements.

1. Customize the color of the machine
2. Design your own LOGO
3. Customize your packaging box
4. Drop shipping service
5. Become our agent
6. Customize after-sales service according to your needs
Just tell us what you think, and we will help you realize the rest. We can help you build your own brand and help you win videos.
Customize Your Solution: Gain Brand Power Promotion Through Personalization

Customization, as the name suggests, is also a representative of personalized design, which drives the advancement and rise of this brand. 

Customizing your exclusive packaging products can also attract customers and deepen the impression among competitors. As a professional 

environmental protection packaging manufacturer in China, we know that customizing packaging solutions according to your brand and 

customer preferences can customize your brand logo, color, and outer packaging to bring you significant benefits and advantages.

Manufacturer Shipping Air Cushion Machine To Client Warehouse

Zhangzhou Air Power Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd is dedicated to worldwide marketing of various protective packaging equipment and materials with R&D center, production center, global sales networks, and after service.

YJNPACK Packaging Production Equipment With OEM Service

YJNAPCK is an environmentally friendly buffer packaging manufacturer that specializes in producing environmentally friendly packaging machines 

and packaging materials and provides sustainable, high-quality packaging solutions. This video is about entering the factory from the perspective 

of the anchor, allowing more customers to have an in-depth understanding of our factory equipment and production processes.

YJNPACK independently develops and produces packaging materials, including honeycomb paper, kraft paper honeycomb paper envelope bags, etc., 

and has a complete and standardized production process.

First Gummed Tape Dispenser Unboxing

Set up a complete and standardized 5s after-sales service to solve the following problems for customers:

*How to install and use the machine after receiving the goods

*Machine failure problem

*Product customization issues

*After-sales process/form

*Correct use of the machine

*Single product packaging test, etc.(solve customer packaging and transportation damage)

Through this unpacking video, we can solve the problem of how to install and use the products after receiving 

the goods for customers, and let customers know how our product packaging is.

First Air Cushion Machine A200 Unpacking

Today is the unpacking of our air cushion machine A200. By setting the theme of product packaging unpacking, 

we can help customers solve problems such as product use, and can understand in advance how the products 

purchased by customers are packaged and delivered.

Through this video, you will learn:

*What does the complete air cushion machine package look like?

*What accessories are included in the carton?

*How to operate and install the air cushion machine A200?

YJNPACK First Cardboard Shredder HP-EX2 Unboxing

The first unboxing of YJNPACK cardboard shredder HP-EX2 is one of the three-to-one high-quality after-sales service projects we have specially set up. 

Professional business personnel will connect with specific after-sales services and provide solutions or videos one by one.

Today, our cardboard shredder unboxing video is intended to help customers how to install and use it correctly when they receive our product for the first time. 

Some precautions and details can help customers use the product faster.

YJNPACK Professional Cushion Packaging Manufacturer

All machines are produced by professional equipment in our large factory of 3000 square meters. Each machine is carefully designed by our R&D team, then assembled by our technicians, and finally through the quality inspection department for quality inspection. After confirming the quality of the product, it will be packaged by our packaging staff. We make sure that every machine in your hands is good. We have continued to upgrade and grow our product lines and business globally to provide our customers with the best complete protective transport protection solutions through our excellent service, high-quality products, and competitive prices.

Air Cushion Machine:Product Testing Before Shipment

Deep in our factory, every air cushion machine, paper cushion machine, or other product that is about to be delivered to you has undergone a comprehensive and rigorous factory test. 

We know that the performance of each piece of equipment is crucial to your production efficiency and packaging quality. Therefore, we will conduct comprehensive function, performance, 

and parts measurement tests before shipment or during each assembly process to ensure that all aspects meet or exceed industry standards.

Today, come with us to our factory and witness the systematic quality inspection and production process of our products.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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