Sensor Function Water Activated Tape Dispensers: Falling Test For Packaging

Sensor Function Water Activated Tape Dispensers: Falling Test For Packaging

In the field of product packaging where packaging protection and product display are integrated, ensuring the safety and environmental protection 

of packaged products has become the goal pursued by various enterprises. With the complexity and difference between the supply chain and the 

global cargo transportation environment and packaging requirements, the requirements for packaging materials that can withstand different 

transportation packaging environments have become higher.

The drop test of the tape dispenser that we are going to show today is a test to simulate whether the packaging is intact when the packaging is heavily 

dropped in the transportation environment.



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In this tape machine drop test, whether the package is intact when the simulated package is dropped heavily in the transportation environment is tested. 

By protecting and packaging the overall product, we dropped it from a high altitude many times in a row and dropped it at a certain height, which can 

simulate the environment of falling and throwing that will occur when alternate express stations are in the transportation packaging environment.

About The Water Activated Tape Dispenser Packaging Test

The tape machine drop test represents a crucial quality assessment in the packaging industry, ensuring product and package durability during transit.

The internal packaging is fully wrapped with pearl cotton, paper corner protectors, and double cartons with logos for protection. Before the test, the weight 

is measured, and it is dropped several times at a height of 1m and 1.2m. After the test, the product is opened to check whether it is intact.

As we all know, the water-activated tape machine is an old product in the packaging industry, and it has certain functions such as improving efficiency, 

strong sealing, and environmental protection for sealing cartons. Therefore, the quality of the product of the packaging machine can be clearly detected 

by testing.

Effective packaging protection can prevent products from being damaged during transportation, and can also improve the first impression of users in 

the process of purchasing and receiving goods.


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