Electric Honeycomb Paper Cushion Machine HP50-D2 For Transport Protection

Automatic Honeycomb Paper Machine
Support 1 piece delivery
Logo & Color
Accept logo and color customization
2 years
Port Of Departure
Xiamen Port
Lead Time
3-7 Days for sample

Power: 30W   

Speed: 35CM/s  

Weight: 20KG   

Product Size:73*42*35CM   

Core Size: 1.5 Inch 、2.0 Inch   

Voltage:100-240V (Choose according to your local voltage)

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Electric honeycomb paper machine is an intelligent packaging way to replace manual honeycomb paper dispensers. Using the one-button packaging method, simple packaging can be carried out by turning on the switch or operating the pedal, and skillfully pulling the honeycomb out of the hexagonal honeycomb structure, which can more effectively protect the product and improve the overall packaging speed and labor costs. It is very suitable for e-commerce, logistics outlets, industrial packaging workstations, etc. with fast packaging needs. The overall packaging speed is based on the pursuit of high speed, creating a high-value and high-efficiency packaging method. In addition, you can purchase a cutter tool instead of manually tearing the honeycomb wrapping paper, and you can directly cut the knife with one stroke.

Product Details

Electric Honeycomb Paper Machine Features

The electric honeycomb paper machine can automatically output paper, automatically separate the honeycomb wrapping paper 

out of the honeycomb structure, and can directly wrap the items without additional cutting tools and tapes. And efficient, 

improving the packaging production efficiency at the end of the production line.

*Environmentally friendly packaging machine, customized color, and logo, outer packaging

*A variety of operating modes to meet various packaging needs

*Pedal mode and automatic mode in parallel

*Can be directly torn by hand without tape

*Own factory production, delivery guarantee

*5s after-sales service, direct factory supply

Electric Honeycomb Paper Machine Custom Logo

Honeycomb paper machines can customize unique logos, body colors, or outer packaging appearance according to 

customer needs and corporate brand, but customized products need to be made separately, there will be certain 

differences in product delivery time and the specific time can be communicated separately.

Electric Honeycomb Paper Machine Factory Photo

Electric Honeycomb Paper Machine HP50-D2 Details


                                                            Multi Working Mode

1. Automatic Mode: honeycomb paper will always be produced after the startup

2. Timing Mode: Produce honeycomb paper according to the set time

3. Pedal Mode: Press the pedal to output the paper, release the pedal and the machine stops running


                                                         One-click Packaging                                          

The one-button start switch, 35cm/s automatic paper output, and an external cutter module make everything simple.


                                                    Perfect Honeycomb Shape

Output in a uniform and stable honeycomb shape, with a better honeycomb shape for better cushioning protection.

Honeycomb Paper Machine Production Process


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