Why Would You Choose To Use A Gummed Tape Machine?

October 11, 2022

It is crucial for companies to seal the cartons for the security of their products before shipping them. The reason why secure packaging is important 

is that when the cartons are not properly sealed, they might get opened during the shipping process. Therefore, packing them with strong tape is 


Are you looking for a tape dispenser for your store to improve your products’ packaging efficiency? Today, we will discuss the most hyped 

gummed tape dispenser and why you should use it instead of traditional tape to pack the cartons. Let's check the details.

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  1. 1. Why Is It Called Gummed Tape Dispenser?

  2. 2. What Are The Benefits Of Gummed Tape Dispensers?

  3. 3. Manual VS. Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser

  4. 4. How Do Gummed Tape Dispensers Work?

  5. 5. Why Is Gummed Tape Better Than Traditional Tapes?

  6. 6. Concluding Remarks

Why Is It Called Gummed Tape Dispenser?

Gummed tape dispenser also known as the paper tape dispenser and water-activated tape dispenser, is an eco-friendly 

a machine that you can use for packaging cartons. This machine saves labor and money. You can also print your company's 

logo and your favorite color on paper and tape.

It is known as the gummed tape dispenser because with this machine you can produce paper tapes to secure your packaging 

effectively. Another reason why it is known as gummed tape dispenser is that the tape is the sticky tape that replaces the 

traditional scotch tape. Gummed tape is the best option if you are searching for a packaging material that can seal the 

cartons effectively.

This gummed tape dispenser has foot pedals so that you can operate it by foot while keeping your hands free. Also, with 

this dispenser, you can select your preferred tape length according to your carton size. This dispenser has a 1-liter water 

capacity that activates the starch binder quickly.

Moreover, the gummed tape dispenser gives around 15 to 210 centimeters of tape length for the cartons to secure 

completely. This dispenser has exceptional operating modes with which you can operate it according to your 

packaging needs. Also, it has an interlock switch for safety.

In addition to this, gummed tape dispensers have high efficiency and automatic advanced features. You can select any 

one of the four working modes; single mode, manual mode, automatic mode, and fixed mode. In single mode, you can 

select a specific length of tape. In manual mode, you can have the long press production tape.

In automatic mode, you have to select one length, and the machine will do the work completely. Lastly, in the fixed mode, 

you have to select different sizes of tape according to the setting. This dispenser only requires around 10 seconds to warm up. 

What Are The Benefits Of Gummed Tape Dispensers?

Gummed tape dispenser could be beneficial for you if you are looking for a sustainable option to pack the cartons. 

It is cost-effective and has a multi-programming system. Moreover, it has a starch-based adhesive which helps it to 

become sticky. With this, you do not have to use force to make the tape stick to the carton.

This dispenser uses water-activated tape that securely sticks to the carton after getting wet. After the gummed tape 

is stuck to the carton, it is very difficult to remove it. Due to this reason, the carton becomes safe from tampering.

Apart from this, it is extremely easy to cut the wet tape from the dispenser. This paper dispenser saves a lot of money 

while improving packaging efficiency. Furthermore, it does not produce much noise and consumes low energy. 

Other amazing features of this exceptional dispenser are as under:

● It turns off automatically when you open the cover.

● You can also adjust its size slightly as per your needs.

● This dispenser automatically feeds the water to the tape.

● You can see the tape length on the display.

In addition, you can use the gummed tape dispenser in e-commerce enterprises, warehouses, households, and industries. 

Manual VS. Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser

Before purchasing the gummed tape dispenser, you must select the type of dispenser according to your needs. There are 

two types of gummed tape dispensers are available in the market; manual and electric.

The electric dispenser helps you to work faster and has more functions than the manual dispenser. Also, you need to use 

electricity to use the electric dispenser. An electric gummed dispenser is more convenient to use than a manual dispenser. 

You just have to select the length, and it will produce the tape for the carton.

On the other hand, the manual dispenser is much simpler to use and requires low maintenance. It is the most cost-effective 

option for gummed tape machines. If you are looking to pack a small volume of cartons, this is the correct option for you. 

How Do Gummed Tape Dispensers Work?

This dispenser is meant to be used with kraft tape. It has an internal cutter configuration that helps the tape to get wet. 

After this, the dispenser attaches the tape to the carton. Due to the adhesiveness, the carton can not open during the 

transportation process.

You can also place this dispenser on a desktop and use it there. Because of this feature, it is also known as the 

desktop tape dispenser.

Why Is Gummed Tape Better than Traditional Tapes?

Many companies and stores have stopped using traditional tapes because they are not environmentally friendly, and it is not 

easy to recycle them. Also, they are not customizable, and companies cannot put their logo on them. Traditional tapes are not 

affordable because you have to use them twice or thrice on the same carton due to their less stickiness. 

Furthermore, they do not give strong protection to the carton. As a result of this, your precious items can get stolen. 

On the other hand, gummed taps are 100% recyclable and cost-effective. The gummed tape machine reduces labor 

costs and has a long life with low maintenance.

In addition to this, you can customize the gummed tape, and it also offers a strong grip. It is extremely simple to use and gives fast output.

Concluding Remarks

Packaging tapes are as essential as other packaging materials because they keep the products secure during the shipping process or storage. 

If you are looking for a tape dispenser, you should go for the gummed tape dispenser instead of traditional tape. Gummed tape dispensers 

are cost-effective and easy-to-use machines. 

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