What Is An Air Cushion Machine? What Is Air Void Filling?

September 08, 2022

In recent years, the prevalence of e-commerce has led to a growing need to shape innovative ways of packaging. And, the need for 

online-specific packaging remains important. This means that the packaging needs to be reformed, and this has the appearance of the 

packaging filler in the box - air cushion machine/air cushion film.

If you are running a packaging project that needs to produce and ship a large number of products every day, you need to ship them all 

over the country and even the world. In this case, you need to pack the item as safely as possible to avoid any damage.

There is no doubt that the air cushion machine is the best source for safe and reliable packaging. Additionally, it enables you to speed up 

the packaging process by reducing time and plastic usage. The air cushion produced by the air cushion machine acts as the filling material 

in the carton.

However, through this article, you will understand the use and value of air mattress machines. So let's dive in!

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  1. 1. What Is An Air Cushion Machine?

  2. 2. How To Use An Air Cushion Machine? 

  3. 3. How Can You Pack the Items Using Air Cushions? 

  4. 4. What Is The Benefits Of an Air Cushion Machine?

  5. 5. Final Thoughts

What Is An Air Cushion Machine?

An air cushion machine is a compact machine that takes up less dedicated inventory space to produce air cushion films. With these 

machines, you don't need to spend money buying inflated air cushions. Instead, it produces a great number of lightweight air pillows 

that act as an excellent block and bracing source for your products. 

Thinking about how it gives rise to air cushions? Well, the machine lets the air go inside the air films and seals the opening with heat. 

How To Use An Air Cushion Machine? 

If you're going to buy an air cushion machine for the first time, you might need guidance on its correct use. Let's see how to operate it like a pro!

  1. 1. Get Air Cushion Films 

Once you are there with a reliable cushion machine, you also need to buy air films. These air films might be of different types;

●Air pillow film

●Bubble wrap film

●Tube Film

It depends upon you which one to choose. Ideally, air pillow film is used for void filling while bubble wrap film is used for wrapping the products. 

You can get air cushion films of different sizes. The ideal way is to provide the dimensions to customer service, and they’ll give you an 

accurate-sized air cushion film. 

2. Fix the Film Roll Holder 

When you’ll open the packaging of your brand-new machine, you’ll find a film roll holder that needs to be fixed. Insert its metal end into the hole 

present on the front of the machine. 

Then use the provided spacer according to the air cushion film type you’ll be using. Typically, if you’re going to use air pillow film, set the spacer 

at 11/16 inches. Whereas, while using bubble wrap film it should be set at ½ inches. Finally, tighten the screw to keep the holder in place. 

3. Set up the Machine 

After you’re done fixing the holder, insert the air cushion film into it. Then find the air inlet of the film. Usually, there are small arrows marked near the 

opening of the air cushion film. You just need to rub from that point and let the film go through the airline. 

4. Adjust the Operations 

The next step, after the machine is set up, is operation adjustments. Plug the machine and turn the power button on. Then adjust the temperature and 

airflow needed to inflate the air film. Mostly, there are two separate buttons for these adjustments. You can monitor the set values on the small display screen. 

Additionally, there is a start and stop button. You may stop it when the required goal of air cushions is achieved. 

5. Inflate the Air Cushion Film 

Finally, press the start button, and ultimately the air cushions will start inflating. You may place a moveable basket in front of the machine so that the 

inflated air cushions can be stored in a place. 

How Can You Pack the Items Using Air Cushions? 

As discussed earlier there are two main types of air cushions, i.e, air pillows and bubble wrap. Both have different use. 

If you are there to pack heavy items, such as automotive parts or machines, you are preferred to go for air pillows. When you place the item in a container, 

often some space is left behind, especially in the corners. As a result, there are chances of collision of the item with the container wall and the item may 

experience damage. 

Thus, for making the item stationary in the box, you should fill the spaces with air pillows. Air pillows act as the best block and bracing. Also, they are shock 

absorbers and can bear pretty much weight without bursting. 

On the other hand, if you need to pack some fragile items, such as glass products or frames, you should prefer bubble wrap. Just simply put the object in the 

bubble wrap sheet and wrap it finely. After placing it in the box you may also fill the spaces with air pillows. 

What Is The Benefits Of an Air Cushion Machine?

No doubt, the major benefit of air cushion machines is the protection of your products. However, there might be something popping up in your mind about 

why you should choose this machine among various packaging machines. 

Well, here are some exciting features and benefits of air cushion machines;

●No need to wait for heating, improve your efficiency

●It is easy to install and performs well for high projects.

●Features a unique and compact design that allows easy storage and carrying.

●Possess a super fast speed of 8 to 15 meters per minute. Hence, boost the productivity of your business.

●Offers diverse adjustments like temperature, speed, length, and air. 

●Pretty lightweight and environmentally friendly.

●Allows you to set it up on the desktop.

●Save the cost of purchasing inflated air cushions now and then.

Not only this, but it also allows its users to avail it for their online stores, warehouse, small business, or any other projects.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, an air pillow machine is a simple, yet ideal solution to secure your company items during shipment. Receiving broken and damaged 

objects from online stores is a pretty common experience nowadays. Even people buying items from amazon found poor packaging of their 

items and usually get damaged parcels. 

Therefore, to avoid such mishaps, buying an air cushion machine from a reliable manufacturer is a wise decision. 

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