Kraft Paper Void Filling Machine Speed 30M/S For Buffer Protection Packaging

August 01, 2022

When you receive some products from an online store, have you observed the paper pad packaging?

Often, many stores and companies are turning to this type of paper packaging to protect their products. For many shippers who ship fragile products, paper packaging is a perfect choice. So why is paper preferred for packaging products?

The main reason to use a paper pad system is its recyclable material, which ensures environmental safety. Furthermore, it is an efficient and cost-effective alternative for you. You have to take advantage of its excellent features.

Also, this article will help you gain insight into the value of a paper cushion machine and its benefits. 

So, let's take a look!

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1. Green And Good For The Environment

One reason why many companies prefer paper packaging is its sustainability. Kraft paper pads are a renewable resource. 

Therefore, you can reuse these paper packaging materials after use. You can use these recycled materials to decorate or 

move, and make various types of paper packaging. Also, you can use paper bags to store and protect food.

Compared to plastic packaging, recycling options are more beneficial to consumers. This is because you can only use 

plastic packaging for a single purpose. According to a recent survey, 63% of consumers prefer paper due to its 

environmental friendliness. On the other hand, 57% chose it because it is recyclable.

Previously, in addition to plastic, packaged peanuts were also used, which also did not biodegrade like paper. However, 

paper void filling fits perfectly with your sustainability goals and protects the environment. Therefore, you should choose 

it according to your packaging needs.

2. Provide Buffer Protection

Paper cushion packaging, like other air cushion packaging, fills and protects the gaps in the carton, providing excellent safety 

for your products. The gears inside the pad machine compress the kraft paper to perfect cracks, resulting in an effective sheet 

that can withstand gravity. In addition, you can prevent the package from being damaged in transit, which will cause you 

some losses.

3. Suitable For Block And Brace


Paper packings are pretty suitable for block and brace packaging in open boxes. All you need is to place the paper at the bottom 

of the carton. Afterward, place the object over it. Then fold the paper in such a way that cushioning is created at the sides of the 

object. Doing so provides lateral support to your item.


At last, cover the top of the box with paper cushioning for the overall protection of the product. You may say that block and brace 

paper packaging prevents the product from moving inside the box. Therefore, your product can resist maximum bumps and falls 

during transport. This allows safe delivery of the products to the buyers. 

4. Cost-effective Packaging 

Paper packaging is a perfect packing solution as it costs pretty less. The lightweight paper cushions cost less while shipping. Moreover, 

paper-based packaging materials are cheap. So, manufacturers have great benefits from paper cushion machines. 

5. Flexible Design

Paper packaging offers you great flexibility in shape, size, and style of product packaging. Therefore, you may easily print creative designs 

on the kraft paper cushioning material.  The idea of printing the package's signature graphics and logo of brands promotes the name 

of the company. 

Additionally, paper-based packaging materials are waterproof. You may use them as coolers that last several uses. Moreover, consumers 

find this packaging more appealing and fascinating.

Final Words


In the end, you are well aware of the paper cushion packaging system. It is a pretty affordable packaging solution for you. You may get a 

paper cushion machine for producing paper cushions to meet your packing needs. It will surely benefit your business.


However, its eco-friendly quality is enough for preferring it over other packaging means.  

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