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June 20, 2022

Are you still using plastic foam, peanuts, etc. for packaging? Does this really guarantee product safety? Maybe the answer is already in your heart.

With the popularity of online shopping now, more and more people are very concerned about the safety of the products they buy, and no one wants to receive a damaged courier. Choose a suitable packaging material, it is the best.

If your product is some valuables and fragile items, then you can definitely try the most popular kraft paper pad cushioning packaging material. Of course, if you need to transport a lot of goods every day, you'd better buy a paper void filling machine for yourself, and you won't regret your purchase.

Not only does it protect the packaged product, but it's also 100% recyclable. In this article, you will learn how to operate a paper cushion machine? How to make your business more efficient?

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What Is Kraft Paper Void Fill Material?

The so-called filling means that the use of suitable and effective packaging materials can effectively wrap the product 

and fill the gap in the carton to prevent the product in the carton from being damaged due to force majeure factors 

during transportation. Here's how to fill the voids in the carton.

If the space in the carton is too large, the transported products will be damaged due to collision and extrusion during 

transportation, because choosing effective packaging materials such as paper pads for filling and protection can 

avoid this series of problems.

Correct Use Of Paper Cushion Machine

Buy a paper void fill machine and you can squeeze and fold kraft paper into filling material anytime, anywhere. 

But how to use it? Please come and see me.

  1. 1. Install The Machine

When you receive your purchased machine, you will see an exclusive pe bag of machine parts with plugs and other 

small components. Therefore, you need to assemble these components. In fact, there is no need to install it by yourself 

after purchasing, so it will not take up too much time.

2. Plug In The Power Supply And Plug In The Kraft Paper

When the machine is installed, you can put the kraft paper on the cardboard, and insert it into the paper inlet according 

to the triangle shape, this can help the paper to enter the machine better, then plug in the power cord and turn on the 

switch, it will not waste your Anytime, simple and efficient.

3. Touch Screen Operation Panel

The previous generation of the paper void fill machine has an LED touch operation screen, and different machine parameters 

and modes can be set according to requirements. On the side of the machine you can easily find three buttons:

-Start and stop buttons

-Emergency stop button

Moreover, the paper cushion machine can choose length mode, automatic mode, or pedal mode according to the needs, which 

can meet various operation and packaging needs.

*Pedal Mode

This mode uses feet instead of hands for packaging. Just step on the foot pedal, and the paper will be automatically ejected, 

and the length of the paper is determined by the time when you step on the foot pedal.

*Auto Mode

In this mode, after setting the parameters, the machine will automatically output the paper according to the set parameters.

*Length Mode

This mode needs to set the paper output length in advance, but when you take out one paper, the next paper will be 

output automatically.

So, What Are The Benefits Of Using A Kraft Paper Void Filling Machine?

You may have used a variety of packaging materials, but each has its own unique characteristics. Like kraft paper, which can be 

void-filled and environmentally friendly, this is its highlight, so, let's see more of its highlights.

*The paper pad machine is easy to operate and improves the packaging efficiency

*Has a user-friendly LED operation screen

*The paper pad machine can be customized with a logo, color, and outer packaging.

*Kraft paper is 100% recyclable and biodegradable

*Kraft paper pads are versatile and reusable

*Get the most from using less packaging material

*Inexpensive materials and excellent product protection

*Ideal for medium to large businesses and e-commerce businesses with high shipping volumes

When Is Kraft Paper Void Filling Suitable For Use?

*You can use kraft paper pads to wrap valuables, and fragile items: such as vases, ceramics, etc.

* Ship goods, heavy items, etc. in cardboard boxes

*Kraft paper pad fills the carton to improve customer unpacking experience

Final Conclusion

See here if you already have an idea of what packaging material is best to use? Without a doubt, kraft paper void filler 

is one of the best ideal space fillers, advertised for use and easy to recycle.

By safely dispersing your cargo, it is sure to meet all your packaging requirements. Your customers will love this lightweight 

packaging material. Keep your products traveling safely with paper void filler!

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