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May 30, 2022

Are you still worried about how to improve packaging efficiency or improve packaging effectiveness? In addition to filling, the most important step in packaging is a sealed carton. In order to improve the neatness and efficiency of packaging, the water-activated tape machine will definitely be your best choice for sealing cartons and improving packaging efficiency.

Today, there are more and more types of water-activated tape dispensers on the market, so how do you choose a suitable tape dispenser? You should try to understand it to help you make better decisions.

In this article, you will know what is the choice of water-activated tape dispensers and gummed tape dispensers.

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What is a Water Activated Tape Dispenser?

The water-activated tape dispenser is also known as an automatic tape dispenser or kraft tape dispenser. It provides a 

variety of programming modes of operation and selection, provides tape lengths of 15-210cm, and meets various sizes 

of carton packaging. The resistance of this tape is The force performance provides a strong line of defense and protection 

for your packaging cartons and is the best solution for sealing cartons.

Water-activated tapes will develop strong tack immediately after being wet, so they are also listed as the preferred tape 

products for packaging cartons. For more information on this product, let's discuss it further.

1. User-friendly Interface

The water-activated tape dispenser itself has a variety of programming modes for key operation. You can freely choose the 

operation mode or the tape length according to the size of the carton, which can meet most of the carton sealing needs.

On the operation interface, you can choose from four modes, single or automatic, or other. When you pack, just press the 

desired length, and the tape will be automatically produced. Inform this way of freely distributing the length of the tape to 

achieve an excellent packaging effect.

2. Strong Stickiness

The biggest feature of water-activated tape is that it is environmentally friendly and convenient and time-saving. It can be 

used even if you don't have a tape machine, without a water-activated tape machine you need to pack most of the paperwork 

and reduce productivity. Wet water tape will immediately have a strong stickiness in the state of wet water, and it is extremely 

difficult to be torn apart, protecting transportation privacy and preventing theft.

*one-liter water tank

*Built-in sharp blade


*Iron plate fixed

3. Upgrade The Safety Switch

The safety factor of the water-active tape is full, and the power is turned off when the cover is opened, so that when the 

internal parts fail, even if the power supply is plugged in, it will not affect the subsequent operations, and the power will 

be automatically cut off when the cover is opened. This not only increases productivity but also increases safety.

4. Automated Operations

The water-activated tape machine is very simple to operate, and the general carton size can be sealed. When you need to 

seal the carton, you only need to select the desired length, and the tape machine will automatically cut the tape to the 

corresponding length. The sealing carton can be started.

5. Strong Protection Performance

This water-activated tape dispenser can provide protection for your packaging, the reinforced water-activated tape can 

withstand heavy object extrusion, which avoids a series of package losses caused by force majeure factors in transportation, 

providing your packaging additionally provides packaging security. Compared with the traditional hand-held gun, the 

automatic tape machine also reduces some unnecessary medical expenses and improves production efficiency.

6. Easy Maintenance

When satisfying productivity, the maintenance of this tape machine can not help but be thought of. The maintenance 

the procedure of this gummed tape dispenser machine is simple, the 1-liter water container is quickly heated to activate the 

adhesive so that the surface of the tape can evenly distribute the water so that it can output tape freely and efficiently, this 

kraft tape machine is undoubtedly the seal carton box An optimal packaging solution to packaging.

7. Customize

The automatic tape dispenser can provide customized services according to needs. Whether it is logo or brand information, 

water-activated tape can be customized in size to improve applicability and brand awareness.

8. Environmentally Friendly

The raw material of this water-active tape is natural kraft paper, so it can naturally be 100% recyclable and biodegradable, 

replacing traditional clear tape.

How To Choose A Suitable Gummed Tape Dispenser?

Different industries and different packaging products have different choices of tape machines, but the commonality is to want 

a neat and safe sealed carton environment. However, if your products are fragile, valuables, medical supplies, or electronic products, 

choosing this automatic water-activated tape dispenser with reinforced water-activated tape is definitely the best effect, whether 

it is security or stickiness, protection Sex it can satisfy.

Final Conclusion

From the above analysis, the durable and environmentally friendly tape machine has unique and novel functions and is easy to 

operate. You absolutely deserve to have an automatic tape machine.

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