Best Paper Void Fill Machine Protective Packaging PPO-2

PPO-2 Paper Cushion Machine
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Packing Box
71*45*41cm(First Box),71*45*17cm(Second Box)
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3 years
N.W: 54kg ,G.W: 67kg
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Xiamen Port
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3-7 Days for sample
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The paper void filling machine PPO-2 can systematically compress and fold double-layer or single-layer kraft paper into a curved shape, so as to achieve systematic protection such as carton gap filling and package protection. The pulley bracket at the bottom can be disassembled or moved as required, and the disassembled paper pad machine can be placed on the desktop for use, and whether it is recycled paper or virgin paper, this machine can be used compatibly, and one machine can achieve multi-purpose functions.

Product Details

About Paper Cushion Machine PPO-2

The paper void filling machine PPO-2 is a multi-functional packaging protection machine, the multi-functional 

mode operation of the LED screen is suitable for various production and packaging needs. The flexible touch 

screen is more convenient to operate. Compatible with recycled paper and virgin paper, roll recycled paper, 

high-profile, 100% recyclable kraft paper packaging.

This paper pad machine can also accommodate double-layer kraft paper, and you can choose whether it is 

single-layer or double-layer according to your needs. The double-layer kraft paper has a better-buffering effect 

and low maintenance, and can better fill and protect. Putting the kraft paper on the shelf separately will have a 

better buffering and filling effect on the product.

Paper Cushion Machine Product Details



                                         Removable Packaging

Paper Void Fill Machine PPO-2 is a movable paper cushion packaging machine, which can be combined with the 

packaging needs of production lines, express stations, and warehouses.


                                              Easy And Fast Packaging

This paper cushion machine has a user-friendly interface with an LED screen, touch to set length and operation 

mode, fast paper feed, and throughput speed also speed up packaging time.


                                                 Eco-friendly Kraft Paper

Packed with kraft paper, 100% recyclable and tough. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it has the cushioning and 

compression properties of non-transportation plastic materials. The preferred alternative to plastic bubble wrap.


                                     Good Buffering Effect

The gear structure with the design patent can squeeze out a more three-dimensional paper pad, which greatly 

improves the buffering effect.

Paper Cushion Machine Details Images

Kraft Paper Packaging VS Traditional Plastic Packaging

1. Kraft Paper Pad Protection


*Does not take up storage space

*Low price, cost-saving


*A stack of kraft paper with high usability

2. Traditional plastic packaging:

*Take up storage space

*Not recyclable

*Not reusable

*The packaging is messy and difficult to handle

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1. How long does it usually take to ship?

YJNPACK, the general delivery time for samples is 3-7 days, except for special cases.

2. Is it possible to use a double layer or single layer kraft paper?

Yes, the paper cushion machine PPO-2 can not only be single-layer or double-layer kraft paper but also recycled paper 

and virgin paper can be mixed and placed for double-layer use.

3. Where is the port of departure?

The port of departure is Xiamen Port.

4. Is there an aftermarket package?

We provide a 2-year warranty and provide operation and installation videos.

YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more eco-friendly.

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