Industrial High Speed 23M/min Air Cushion Machine A200

Air Cushion Machine A200
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Power: 450W 

Voltage: 100-230v  

Shell Material: Metal Alloy 

N.W: 10.5KGS, G.W:12KGS

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The new air cushion machine is a compact and efficient air pillow packaging machine suitable for industrial use. Its outstanding feature is that it has an extended guide rod and has certain advantages in speed. Using the extended guide rod can realize the use of 400mm air cushion film, and the average speed can reach 20-23m/min. Continuous and efficient operation can meet the needs of industrial packaging for a day's demand. The multifunctional operation panel can realize various operation modes to meet your various packaging needs.

The biggest feature of the air cushion machine A200 is not only its high speed, but also its appearance and heating mode. It is heated by a heating wire instead of a heating block. The advantage is that it can be used without waiting. The internal hot-melt belt is used for heat insulation and transmission.

Industrial Air Cushion Machine A200 Description

Industrial air cushion machines, with a wide range of applications, can be applied to various types of air cushion 

films, 200mm, 400mm, 600mm, etc., even in the case of a large amount of packaging a day, it can be connected 

to various equipment, such as winders, baskets, film feeding systems foot pedals, etc., to make the air cushion 

packaging the system realizes the integration and maximizes efficiency.

Moreover, the air bag machine A200 has a simple and intelligent operation panel, which can be controlled in 

real-time and has programmable functions. It is also durable and convenient and can realize the functions of filling, 

supporting and blocking, and shock absorption.

*Speed up to 20-23M/min

*External smart device with sensor function

*One machine can accommodate various specifications of air cushion film, 200mm, 400mm, 600mm, etc.

*Freely adjust the air volume, temperature, length, and mode selection

*External foot pedal to improve packaging operation

*CE and PSE certification, high-quality assurance

Application Of Industrial Air Pillow Machine

The overall size of the air pillow machine A200 is 37*35*36CM. It is reliable and compact. It can produce the 

required air cushion film/bubble film or air pillow film on demand. You can not only obtain high-quality cushioning 

air cushion packaging materials, but also It can improve the overall safety and image score of the packaging.

The air cushion film produced by it has low cost and can choose recycled film, degradable film, etc., 

replacing traditional air bubbles and plastic packaging, reducing environmental costs and transportation costs. 

The cost reduction of the air packing machine can be quickly offset by reducing labor costs and reducing material 

costs such as cargo stacking and warehouse backlog.

1. The whole machine is about 10.5kg

2. Improve efficiency and reduce costs

3. Efficient air cushion integration system

4. Customized logo and color, outer packaging

5. No air leakage, good sealing effect

6. Operation panel with multi-functional intelligent setting

7. Applicable to various types of air cushion film/bubble film/air pillow film, etc.

The air pillow packaging machine is very suitable for industry and some large-scale express transportation, 

medium and large logistics enterprises, and other industries. It is easy to use and low maintenance, and having 

one air packing machine can realize the packaging of various needs without increasing your cost. 

And also reduce your costs.

Here are some questions you'll want to know:

Air Cushion Machine A200: Reasons why you will choose it:

  1. 1. Suitable for companies with large shipments and high demand: Because its speed can reach 23M/min and its multi-functional

  2. intelligent operation mode, it can meet the packaging needs of large daily demands and is very suitable for industrial use.

2. Complete functions and updates: Added preset modes and can accommodate more than 11 types of inflatable bags, and can 

accommodate air cushion films up to 600mm. If your packaging needs are extensive and more functional, choose it as a suitable 

packaging solution.

3. External smart devices: Can work with overhead hopper, winder, or basket, making it more efficient and saving time.

Another highlight of the A200 is that it has a preset mode. When you select a certain mode, speed, stability, etc. will automatically be set to 

the most appropriate parameters. For the operator, this is both simple and quick to get started. 

For traditional models, the A200 is more intelligent and meets a variety of packaging needs.

How Does An Air Cushion Machine Work And Why Do You Need One?

Take a look at how to use an air pillow machine and what product itinerary would best suit air pillow packaging.

Air cushion machine packaging systems are not uncommon in the industrial packaging industry. As the name suggests, they are a protective 

mechanism formed by an inflatable system.

When you pack and transport items, choose a suitable air cushion film for installation, adjust the appropriate temperature, length, 

air, and other parameters, and then heat the machine to inflate it immediately. For large-scale industries, the preset mode can be 

used to set various parameters in advance, so that there is no need to reset the parameters when the machine is turned on again, 

which not only improves the packaging efficiency at the end of the production line but also saves labor costs.

What Is An Air Pillow Machine?

The best air cushion machines, known by various names such as on-demand air pillow machines, air packaging machines, 

air bag machines, air cushion machines, and inflatable air packaging systems are employed to generate inflated air pillows, 

air cushions, bubble packaging, air cushion packaging, and a wide range of other air-filled 

packing materials.

What Is The Advantage Of Air Cushion?

Air cushions, also known as air pillows, consist of 99% air and only 1% film, The film is inflated as needed, resulting 

in a reduced spatial requirement compared to traditional bubble wrap. Moreover, its lightweight nature contributes to a 

lower environmental impact during shipping when compared to paper. Air cushions exhibit tear-resistant properties, 

durability, and reusability.

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