Sustainable Development Of E-Commerce

Increasing Online Consumer Demand Is Changing Offline Demand

Since 2022, the emergence of COVID-19 has changed people's consumption patterns, and more and more people are inclined 

to online shopping and online live sales. With the emergence of a hot topic, this situation will continue to exist, and it will also 

drive consumers to pay more attention to environmental protection packaging and product production safety in packaging.

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Consumers And Convenience

Today's consumers tend to shop online, not only for convenience but also for the same quality as offline shopping. When you 

shop online, consumers have a wider range of choices and competitive prices. Some consumers even get used to a brand and 

can directly enter the brand's flagship store to buy. The time is short, the quality is good, and you can buy with confidence.

Until the end of 2022, the control of COVID-19 will be gradually relaxed, but it will not affect the development trend of e-commerce. 

Up to now, live sales have also reached a boom, and they will form certain competitive targets with online sales such as Taobao and Jingdong. 

But on the other hand, it also reflects the need to supervise the quality of each merchant. However, as a brand, online sales and 

offline sales are indispensable, but some offline sales will be reduced compared to before, but this does not mean that they will disappear, 

but it is necessary to provide customers with the same high-quality shopping experience.

Increasing International Revenue: Land And Overseas

The current live broadcast sales and online shopping for more and more people, also drives the popularity of purchasing agents 

and cross-border purchases. Will it also drive the industrial chains and supply chains related to various industries? Although online prices 

are more affordable, the quality requirements for each supply chain of production are also gradually increasing. The supervision of 

e-commerce suppliers by regulatory authorities has also made them pay attention to source packaging suppliers such as NRTEC.

The chairman of NRTEC said: "Let environmentally friendly packaging spread all over the world and serve global suppliers is the first step 

to success." We have participated in cooperation with 40 countries around the world, but we are constantly improving and developing to 

expand our brand.

In today's developing society, there is high competition in any industry and it is difficult to survive. The rise of any industry will drive many 

people to compete together. But the requirements will be higher and higher. In fact, in the e-commerce industry, consumers not only care 

about product quality when purchasing products, but also pay attention to product packaging, packaging safety, customer service, and even 

details down to the unpacking experience. However, online sales also face consumer groups in different countries. How to achieve an unpacking 

and delivery experience that satisfies people from all countries is a huge challenge.

Main Core Points

So, to answer the above challenges, how to improve the customer's unpacking experience and shopping experience? The suggestion 

given by NRTEC is: Focus on environmentally friendly packaging and find out what consumers want. For packaging in the past few years, 

many businesses want to reduce packaging costs and choose foam, plastic, etc. for packaging protection, but on the other hand, this 

situation will only pollute the environment, and the best solution is to choose alternatives. Packaging scheme. In this direction, 

recyclable paper packaging solutions are all perfect solutions.

NRTEC's packaging solution manufacturers, grasp environmentally friendly packaging from the source and are committed to providing 

one-stop packaging solutions to improve the work efficiency at the end of the packaging workstation. For example, the automated tape dispenser 

can automatically cut the tape with one button, which is the best packaging solution for sealing cartons. Kraft paper packaging can 

effectively fill the inner space of the carton and is recyclable.

Responsible Attitude And Love For Packaging

Ultimately, NRTEC wanted the brand to grow rapidly while maintaining its profitability and environmental focus. But this will undoubtedly 

not be a huge challenge, but it is urgent to promote environmental awareness. While the task is arduous, we are also very proud of being 

able to do something useful. This is also one of the original intentions of NRTEC when it was established.

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