Sustainable Packaging Measures For Shopping Festivals E-commerce

Why Are E-commerce Retailers Taking Shopping Festivals So Important?

Affected by Covid-19, more and more people prefer to shop online to reduce the movement and collision of people. 

In a certain period of time, various platforms will organize shopping festivals to drive consumption and improve the 

economic level. However, due to different cultures and needs, the peak purchasing period will vary, but the annual 

income of e-commerce merchants in November and December will account for 25% of the annual income. Moreover, 

with the upsurge of gift-giving during the New Year, the sales volume is higher, and with the development of express 

delivery services, more and more consumers tend to send gift packages directly to their homes.

Every year, November and December will be the biggest shopping festivals in China, just like the shopping festivals in 

March and September in the United States. Often this time will be the preparation for the perfect execution of seasonal 

marketing and sales strategies.

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However, high sales volume will also bring certain risks. Of course, high risks will naturally bring high returns. In 2021, 

spending on shopping festival activities in November will increase by 30% year-on-year, which is the highest consumption 

in recent years.


What Are The Challenges Of Holiday Event Promotions For E-commerce Businesses?

Perhaps not only because of the impact and challenges of the epidemic, but also because of fluctuations in market 

consumption and price settings, and partly because of freight and freight insurance. Navigating consumption volatility 

and breakeven calculations in the market, even adjusting plans to meet these challenges is another reason e-commerce 

retailers started planning earlier this year. Here are a few of the most pressing challenges to be faced, along with strategic 

solutions to overcome them.

Challenge 1: Seasonal Peak Shopping

Solution: Improve End-of-line Work Efficiency Through Automated Packaging

First of all, a large promotion will cause an increase and superposition of logistics packages. Many companies will hire 

more employees in advance to face this peak shopping, and some companies face internal competition in the market, 

whether it is delivery time or express delivery. The package packaging will become the competition volume ratio among 

various enterprises. This makes how to use the correct automated packaging solution a point of difference between 

enterprises, even if it is not the peak season, you are still at the highest advantage point.

From shopping-packing-picking-sorting-transportation, there is no room for error in each step, and the use of automated 

packaging solutions can improve the efficiency of packaging steps.

Sorting, sorting by region according to different regions, so as to deliver faster by region.

Packaging is the process of assembling and placing a product within a package, then adding padding to protect the goods 

in transit. This may include void filler material or cushioning material to secure the item and protect it from damage.

Challenge 2: Presentation Of Market Brand Power

Solution: Improve Customer Shopping And Unboxing Experience


When you are shopping, unlike in-store shopping, you can’t see the package or the actual product, and you can only 

use some data on the platform to make reference choices. For brands, more than 60% of people will use various social 

media software to learn about a brand’s popularity or word of mouth, etc. For retail brands that want to increase their 

organic influence on social media, the unboxing moment provides an excellent Opportunity.

Secondly, what should not be underestimated is the unboxing experience of the packaging. Merchants can create attractive 

packaging outer boxes, customize brand logos and cartons, communicate their brand values and product values, and surprise 

and delight customers at the same time. For e-commerce, packaging also includes the box, pouch, or envelope in which the 

item is shipped, and consumers have their own opinions about these elements of the shopping experience.

Putting sustainable packaging materials and unique packaging in the box can regain the wow factor for brands. Consumers want 

to see sustainable packaging and have a beneficial impact on their own living environment.

Improving packaging speed and using sustainable packaging materials to improve out-of-the-box presentations are sure steps 

an e-commerce retailer can take to ensure quality and holiday enjoyment, even with seasonal promotions.

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