Factors To Consider For Choosing Right Packaging Material

December 05, 2022

Do you want to upgrade your business's packaging requirements or are you looking for better packaging materials after having bad 

customer experiences? It gets annoying when your brand-new product is damaged due to poor packaging.

Thus, in today's business, it is necessary to switch to packaging materials that not only guarantee the safety of your product but are 

also economical. Additionally, due to the growing need for sustainable packaging in today's world, more businesses are looking for it.

As a result, more and more people are using sustainable materials. We will only discuss materials that are good for the environment. 

Therefore, let's move forward. 

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1. What Does Packaging Material Mean?

2. List of Sustainable Packaging Material

3. Factors for Choosing Right Packaging Material

4. Final Thoughts

What Does Packaging Material Mean?

When you run a business that sells valuable goods. You need to ship them across the country on a daily basis and also protect them 

from damage at all costs. You use a variety of materials to pack your items not only to keep them from getting damaged but also to 

impress customers with attractive packaging. 

List of Sustainable Packaging Material

Before discussing the factors of selecting the appropriate material for your packaging requirements. You need to know about the top 

sustainable packaging materials that are taking over the market.

Let's roll in, then!

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is made up of biodegradable material and is used in a variety of packaging. It is without a doubt the best material for your 

packaging need. It is an easy-to-use, fully recyclable, and lightweight material that should be a part of your packaging needs. 

This kraft paper comes in different varieties and serves a different purpose in every packaging. 

Void Fill Paper

A paper void fill machine transforms a simple roll of kraft paper into the packaging material known as void fill paper. The void-fill paper 

material provides the best layer of protection in packaging boxes. It gives cushioning effect and protects the goods from damage during 


Additionally, the machine utilized for this purpose is user-friendly and affordable for businesses. Machine manufacturers carefully consider 

your work's viability and create highly efficient machines.

Honeycomb Paper

Like void fill paper, simple kraft paper is turned into a hexagonal shape like honeycomb paper through a honeycomb paper dispenser

It wraps the products without any extra taping and packaging. It is not only a better option than bubble wrap but also provides a better-looking 


It is mostly used for fragile products like glass bottles and small packaging can be done effortlessly. Besides, the honeycomb paper dispenser is 

easy to operate and doesn’t require additional labor. It also increases packaging efficiency by nearly 30%.

Water-activated Paper Tape

Water-activated paper tape is also made from kraft paper and serves as an adhesive to seal the packaging boxes. The water-activated tape dispenser

is used to generate the tape according to your packaging requirement. It produces paper tape on demand and saves labor costs. You can even print your 

company's logo on these tapes to make them unique. 

Air Cushion

Air cushions or air pillows are the perfect packaging material for providing extra protection in the packaging boxes. They reduce the chances of product 

damage during shipment. The air cushion machine is used to convert cushion film rolls into air cushions. The plastic used in these film rolls is high-density 

polyethylene HDPE which is a safer and more environmentally friendly option for packaging. 

Factors for Choosing Right Packaging Material

We now understand the kinds of packaging materials that are crucial to your packaging requirements. In this section, we will talk about the factors that 

business owners should keep this in mind when purchasing packaging materials.

  1. 1. Choose According to Your Business

While making a purchase of packaging materials, this is the first step to consider what type of business you run. 

For instance, if you primarily deal with heavy machinery products, you must consider air pillows included in your packaging needs. They are more beneficial 

than conventional packaging. They provide cushioning effect to your product and fill the void space in the corner of the boxes and reduce the chances of 

product damage. It will save your shipping cost due to its lightweight. Additionally, the procedure of making air pillows is handy and doesn't require any training. 

Similarly, if your business deals with fragile items like glass material or ceramic products. You must consider honeycomb paper wrap as a packaging material. 

You don't need extra taping after using this packaging material. Additionally, due to its adaptability, this wrapping can be used to pack any product shape. 

It will completely protect your product during transportation and storage.

2. Cleaner packaging

Businesses are not only looking for sustainable but cleaner packaging options as well to gain customer satisfaction. Before sustainable packaging, traditional packaging 

was harmful to the environment. It also created a lot of mess in the warehouse's packaging stations and a lot of customers complained about having a bad 

unboxing experience. 

Therefore, sustainable packaging manufacturers are coming up with cleaner yet eco-friendly packaging materials. They are creating packaging materials that are 

suitable for all kinds of businesses. 

3. Cost Effective

According to your business requirements, you must ensure what fits best for your product packaging including the size, weight, or shape of your product. To reduce 

additional costs, the packaging material must be selected in the appropriate size.

4. Find The Best Supplier

Last but not least, find a supplier that is trustworthy and provides the best packaging material for your company. They will assist you in selecting the best packaging 

material according to your packaging needs and will provide you with proper customer care services and the best alternatives when needed. 

Final Thoughts

At last, it is indeed a crucial step to choose the right packaging material for your business needs. However, keeping the preceding factors in mind can help you resolve the issue.

Before making any purchase, make sure you understand what your product is demanding. In addition, customer satisfaction should remain your top priority.

Hopefully, this blog may help you consider choosing the right packaging material according to your business requirement. 

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