About Shipping: Correct Size Carton Packing

In the current prevalence of e-commerce shopping, online shopping has reached a boom. When you receive a package, do you receive similar 

invalid packages? For example: when you order a small product online and receive it, but the package will produce an obvious collision sound 

when picked up (similar to the sound of an item colliding in a box that is too large), then this packaging we Known as invalid packaging.

In fact, for the brand side, they believe that some consumers do not care about packaging, and the carton-sized packaging of consumer packaged 

goods is itself a hot topic of discussion. For consumers, receiving a suitable size and combining printing and design to decorate the outer box can 

bring a different unpacking and purchasing experience. That's why it doesn't make sense to treat a box with a product any better than the first box 

an e-commerce customer sees protecting their purchase, coming to them from the warehouse or fulfillment center. at home.

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Not only that, but enhancing your brand image means more than providing a package that protects the product, is easy to recycle, is the right size, 

and has outer packaging that matches the size of the item being shipped. Beyond customer expectations, there are several good reasons why having 

the right size package at the end of the line should be an important consideration for all businesses shipping to end consumers.

What Is The Correct Size Carton For Packaging?

From the above, the correct size packaging is nothing more than the packaging that matches the product it contains, removes excess materials, and 

only uses containers and materials required for safe transportation. Such packaging will neither increase shipping costs nor increase the odds of damage. 

The package size is determined by the product and a suitable package can be created immediately.

What Are The Benefits Of Correct-size Packaging?

Right-sized packaging is a win-win for businesses, consumers, and the environment. This can also create a beautiful and green packaging environment. 

By adjusting the package size during the logistics process, e-commerce businesses can enjoy multiple benefits.

  1. 1. Reduce Shipping Costs

In the transportation process, both will not take into account the transportation cost. Usually, we will consider the packaging material first. The choice of 

packaging material has a great impact on cost issues, and if non-recyclable materials are selected, other expenses will be added. From a sustainability 

point of view, it is especially important to choose a suitable and recyclable packaging material.

By sizing packages correctly to eliminate as much void as possible, businesses can pay to ship their products instead of filling them with boxes that waste space.

2. Reduce Packaging Waste And Improve The Environment

When your box is much larger than the original product size, not only is material wasted, but it also increases the cost of paying for recyclable items, which is not 

good for the environment.

On a global scale, data show that only 9% of plastic waste can be fully recycled, and it and the waste have not been fully disposed of, while the remaining plastic 

foam materials will be incinerated, causing damage to the environment. Pollution. By properly sizing your shipping box, you can save material while reducing 

overall waste.

3. Reduce Shipping Costs

Boxes that take up more space than necessary will fill the carrier faster than properly sized boxes, and therefore, require more trucks to move the same amount of 

product. Equipping the right box for just one small item can save up to 25% of the space on a truck or pallet.

Improve End-to-end Productivity

The correct size packaging can reduce some unnecessary operations and packaging material filling, and the "one-step" method is used for packaging, which improves 

the packaging efficiency at the end of the production line and reduces unnecessary labor expenses.

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