Versatile Kraft Paper Void Fill Machine NP-P2

Automatic Kraft Paper Cushion Machine NP-P2 
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Power: 120W 

Speed: 70M/S 

Weight: 29KG 

Product Size:94*94*164CM 

Voltage:110V or 220V (Choose according to your local voltage)

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The NP-P2 paper cushion machine compresses and fills kraft paper through a series of intelligent operations. It is used to protect and reinforce the paper cushion of the product. It is extremely suitable for enterprises that have a large number of shipments every day. When packaging products, it can cushion paper to reinforce the product to prevent movement.

Advantages Of Paper Cushion Machine NP-P2:

1. Effectively fill the gaps in the carton, buffer and protect the transported items

2. The paper output speed of the machine is fast, which can reach 75m/s

3. High utilization rate of kraft paper pad, 50g/70g optional

4. Mobile and pedal mode to improve efficiency

Paper Cushion Machine NP-P2 Description:

1. Equipped with pulley operation, you can switch scenes at any time

2. Easy to operate, intelligent control screen, can be used in most packaging stations

3. The angle and height can be adjusted

4. Customized color, 2 years warranty

Product Details

Paper Cushion Machine NP-P2 Advantages

  1. 1. High Safety Performance

The cutter of this paper cushion machine is built-in, when the upper cover is opened, it will automatically stop to 

protect the safety of the operator.

2. High Flexibility

When you pack, you can adjust the height and angle according to the needs of the scene to meet various packaging 


3. Good Buffering Effect

The use of paper cushioning wrap can fully fill the carton gap and prevent items from being damaged due to some 

uncontrollable factors in transportation.

4. Multi-mode Operation

The paper cushion machine has 3 modes of operation, you can freely choose the operation mode you want.

5. Eco-friendly Packaging

Kraft paper is guaranteed to be 100% recyclable and compostable without stressing the environment.

Product Details

                                Safe Operation Page

The cutter of the  paper cushion machine NP-P2 is built-in, as long as the upper cover is opened, 

                                       the machine will automatically stop.

                          All-round Package Products

Utilizing the cushion paper and its cushioning effect, the product can be completely wrapped to prevent 

                 the product from being damaged by collision during transportation.

                                    Height Adjustable

The paper cushion machine can be set to different heights according to the different scenes, combined with 

               the operation of the foot pedal, it is easier to meet the production needs.

                                Multiple Operation Modes

Automatic Mode: After setting the length, the paper will be output automatically.

Single Mode: Take the previous one and continue to the next.

Pedal Mode: Press and hold the pedal output of the paper continuously. Release the pedal and cut the paper automatically.

Paper Cushion Machine Details Images

               Paper Outlet                                    Protective Top Cover                               Paper Board

              Control Panel                                          Angle Adjusting                           Universal Wheel

Compared With Traditional Paper Packaging

When you use traditional plastic, foam packaging will have the following disadvantages:

*Disorganized, taking up too much storage space

*difficult to recycle

*The packaging looks messy

But when you wrap it with kraft paper cushioning:

*Neatly arranged, does not take up too much storage space

*100% recyclable and compostable

*The packaging looks neat

*Wide range of performance, no material waste

Paper Cushion Machine Packaging Product Display

Company Profile

We are a professional manufacturer of buffer packaging machines and provide one-stop packaging solutions.

*The professional technical team and technical equipment support

*Provide one-stop packaging solutions

*Obtain a professional certification license

*High-quality and high-capacity high-tech products

*One-piece delivery, 2-year warranty, worry-free purchase

*Global sales service, accept export


1. What after-sales service does this product provide?

Our products provide product warranty, technical guidance, and other services.

2. How long is your product warranty period?

Our product warranty time is 2 years.

3. How long is the sample delivery time generally?

Our sample delivery time is 3-7 days.

You might want to know about these.

  1. 1. What Is The Paper Cushion Machine NP-P2?

  2. 2. Why Would You Like This Packaging Product?

What Is The Paper Cushion Machine NP-P2?

This paper cushion machine is very easy to use and simple to maintain. Its height and angle can be adjusted according 

to your packaging scene to achieve a variety of different packaging scenes. Simple to operate, the output length can 

be set, and with a foot pedal mode and you can choose between 3 programming modes to meet various packaging needs.

The working principle of the paper cushion machine is to compress and fold the original kraft paper into a curved shape, 

so as to achieve the effect of buffer protection on the items. It is highly inclusive and can be used in a wide range of applications. 

It can be applied to various packaging stations and protect various fragile products, artworks, medical supplies, glass products, etc.

This paper cushion machine is small in size, the size is about 94*94*164CM, it will not occupy too much storage area, 

occupy less warehouse space, and the high performance of paper pads will not cause material waste.

The paper cushioning wrap produced by the paper pad machine is 100% recyclable and compostable. Its speed is fast, 

with an average of 75m/s, which saves most of the packaging time. The paper pad machine accepts customized colors 

and printed logos to improve your Brand awareness and flexibility to adapt to the most challenging packaging environments.

Why Would You Like This Packaging Product?

*Void fill paper packaging so that the product will not easily move and expand

*The paper cushion can be used to pack heavy or sharp items and fragile items

*No noise and environmental protection and energy saving

*Encapsulate the product in all directions, reducing transportation damage rate

YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more eco-friendly.

We provide you with a one-stop service, allowing you to shop with peace of mind.

*OEM&ODM service

*Self-owned factory guarantees the delivery time

*The whole machine is guaranteed for two years

*During the warranty period, free replacement parts

*Troubleshooting problems, professional and technical personnel answer one-on-one

*Provide solutions and troubleshooting videos

*Provide professional service instructions

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