Special Manufacturing Kraft Paper Cushion Machine NP-EC

NP-EC Kraft Paper Cushioning Wrap Machine
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Power: 350W 

Speed: 30M/S 

Weight: 78KG 

Product Size:75*50*126CM 

Voltage:110V or 220V (Choose according to your local voltage)

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Our paper cushion machine uses machinery and equipment to compress large rolls of kraft paper into a curved shape, thereby creating a cushioning effect on items. It is suitable for packaging: fragile items, glass products, fruits, cameras, mobile phones, and other valuable items. Kraft paper roll has a wide range of uses, can be used not only to protect the product but also to assume the role of a paper cushion during transportation.

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Why Choose The Paper Cushion Machine?

*Safe and unique compressed paper technology, the stronger anti-compression buffering effect

*100% recyclable products, good for the environment

*Simple operation and easy to use, with smart screen control and mobile wheel device

*Handling is convenient, so the machine dispenses the paper and puts it into the carton, which can be torn by hand without scissors

*Fast and just take the paper out of the machine directly

Products Description 

Product Details Explanation

                            Working Principle And Control Interface

The paper pad machine uses a series of compression techniques to compress the paper to a buffer and anti-compression 

                                   effect. It will run automatically when the power is turned on.

                            Smart Display And Angle Adjusting Device

The control interface is a smart touch screen, you can set the length and name according to your needs, and the angle adjustment 

               device can self-adjust according to your height, which is simple, convenient, and easy to operate.

                                            Moving Wheel Device

The mobile wheel device can be moved at will according to the needs of the site, not just limited to one place, the kraft paper roll is 

       widely used, and it is more convenient to protect the product from movement or collision during transportation.

The Difference Between kraft Paper And Ordinary Paper

Industrial Product Display

Our Company History

1.Fully automated production

2.Independent production and delivery

3.With a scale of 5000 square meters

4.Strict production system

We are a YJNPACK company, and we are committed to providing customers with solutions in product packaging. Our packaging is suitable for medium 

and large enterprises, express logistics, packaging fragile products, glass products, valuables, etc. If you are interested in the product, please contact us!


  1. 1.What is the size of the product?

  2. The size of this product is 75*50*126CM(it can customizable)

  3. 2.What is the weight of this product?

  4. The weight of this product is 78KG

  5. 3.Has your product been tested before it goes on the market?

  6. Before the release of our products, we have done a series of production tests and product packaging tests, etc.

  7. 4.Do you have any after-sales service?

Our after-sales service includes equipment warranty, professional technical guidance.

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