Custom Kraft Paper Cushion Machine Full Automated In China

NP-EC Paper Cushion Void Fill Packaging Machine
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Power: 350W Speed: 30M/S Weight: 78KG Product Size:75*50*126CM Voltage:110V or 220V (Choose according to your local voltage)

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The Kraft Paper Cushion Machine is squeezed and folded through the equipment so that the paper can completely protect the product. Because of its filling, wrapping, support, and other characteristics, the product is not damaged during transportation. It has multiple modes of operation and can set the length according to customer needs, Making packaging more flexible and safer.

Advantages of Paper cushion machine:

widely used: can be used for express logistics, daily necessities, fragile goods, glass products, etc.

Superior: the characteristics of high-efficiency buffering can ultimately protect the products in transit.

Reliable: high availability through proven technology.

Ergonomics: touch panels, foot pedals, and noise reduction

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Products Description

Acceptable Customization

Product Details

                    Paper Cushion System And Multifunctional Control Area

This paper pad machine folds the paper to protect the product and prevents bumps. It is very suitable for transporting 

                          heavy or valuable items in large and medium-sized shipping boxes.

                  Intelligent Control Screen And Foot Pedal Operation

The intelligent control of the paper pad machine can greatly shorten the packaging time and help you quickly complete 

                               the paper switching of the packaging machine and save costs.

                       Movable Wheel Device And Recycled Kraft Paper 

We have set up mobile wheels to facilitate movement at any time according to production needs, without manual 

             handling, reducing the cost of employment and can adjust the height and tilt according to the needs.

Small Details Of Our Products

             Paper Outlet                                                 Paper Tension                              Main Engine

Angle Adjusting Device                                Paper Pad Forming Gear                      Supporting Base

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We are a YJNPACK company, we have a strong production team and strict production and quality control system, and we are committed to providing customers with solutions in product packaging. Our main products are Air cushion machine, Air column machine, Paper cushion machine, Water-activated tape dispenserGummed tape dispensers, Air cushion filmAir column packaging, Paper tape machine, etc. If you are interested in the product, please contact us!

1.Automated Production

2.Five Years OEM/ODM Experience

3.Advanced Production Technology

4.Strict Quality Control System

5.Strong Production Team


1.What is the MOQ?

We accept sample orders and trial orders. Normally, our MOQ is 1 Pc.

2.Are you a manufacturer and trading company?

We are an eco-friendly packaging manufacturer with 16 years of experience.

3.What are your warranty terms?

We provide a 3 years warranty for our cushion packaging machines.

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