Plastic Air Cushion VS YJNPACK kraft Paper Cushion

In 2023, as everyone pays more and more attention to global warming, companies around the world will give priority to the 

development of green and sustainable development and attract more and more people's attention.

According to UN reports, in 2022, with climate change and the destruction of the natural environment, food and other energy 

prices will also rise. However, it was also a year of a resurgence in action to protect the environment.

The world produces more than 400 million tons of plastic every year, half of which is used only for single use. Of this fraction, 

less than 10% is recycled. It is estimated that between 19 and 23 million tons of plastic end up in lakes, rivers, and oceans every 


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The United Nations Environment Assembly adopted a resolution in 2022 aimed at developing a legally binding instrument on 

plastic pollution, including in the marine environment, with the intention of comprehensively addressing the plastic problem.

Since then, the hashtag and slogan used for the 2023 World Environment Day campaign is #Plastic War Quick Fix#.


But How Is The Transition From Plastic To Recyclable Packaging To Be Achieved?

If you choose to use recyclable paper-based packaging, while also reducing packaging damage, and costs, and improving the 

unpacking experience and warehouse shipping efficiency, then it is a breakthrough and the beginning of innovation for the 

environment and business.

  1. Kraft Paper Cushion Pad

By crossing, twisting, and folding natural kraft pads into cushioned kraft pads using a paper cushion machine with simple patented gear, 

we are able to substantially eliminate all movement of the product within the box. Compared with plastic air cushions, this reduces the 

chance of damage during transportation and the damage to the environment.


Using recyclable paper-based packaging can improve your sustainability opportunities overall. Unlike plastic air cushions, 

kraft paper cushions can be stored for a long time, which means that the protection provided is very high and long-term. For warehouses, 

it can reduce The accumulation of goods in the warehouse, and cost savings can improve the overall operating efficiency of the enterprise 

and meet the goal of "comprehensively reducing the use of plastics". Then, if you want to have a kraft paper pad, you only need to have a 

basic paper pad machine to automatically produce kraft paper pads easily, simply, and efficiently.

Make your business more sustainable with recyclable paper packaging!

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