Review: A Journey Of Automated Packaging Solutions At #PropakAsir

June 27, 2023

NRTEC consists of two subsidiaries, YJNPACK and Linkair, which are one of the leading packaging solution suppliers in China. This time, 

we participated in #PropakAsir in the name of Linkair and displayed our automation and paper packaging solutions, as well as 

the latest The developed paper blister packaging technology attracted many visitors. Held in Thailand, the event brought together 

packaging industry professionals to discuss emerging trends and advancements in the packaging industry.

Linkair demonstrated sustainable packaging materials, automation solutions, and kraft paper packaging at the Thailand exhibition, 

which impressed many people in the packaging industry.

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Strive to discuss the following issues.

📦#Automation Packaging solutions will be in demand more than ever in the next few years

🔎How to improve #warehouse solutions and optimize #sustainable solutions more effectively in practice

🤝The meeting of old friends is not only a business communication but also promotes the exchange of cultures between the two countries.

First of all, Linkair's innovative layout and design for the overall exhibition showed our product packaging concept and creative 

design concept, with the green forest as the keynote, emphasizing the recyclability of our products and promoting the concept 

of sustainable packaging.

The main display products are honeycomb paper, paper bubbles, and kraft paper. These products are all the best choices for optimizing 

warehouse packaging, and they also meet the needs of optimizing warehouse space and costs and even reducing environmental impact. 

At the exhibition, you can experience the materials of the products and learn more about sustainable packaging.

Overview of the exhibition
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In addition, Linkair also took the opportunity to showcase its automated packaging system, which simplifies the packaging process and 

improves efficiency. For example bubble machine, tape machine, paper pad machine, etc., attendees can witness live demonstrations 

of these automated packaging machines and experience first-hand how automation integration can optimize productivity while 

maintaining high quality and accuracy.

Throughout the show, Linkair also hosted informative seminars and panel discussions, allowing industry professionals to delve deeper 

into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in packaging. These sessions sparked thought-provoking conversations, facilitated 

knowledge sharing, and facilitated networking among participants.

By actively participating in the Thailand show, the event provided the company with a platform to strengthen existing partnerships, 

form new ones, and gain valuable insights into the changing needs of the Thai market.

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