How To Effectively Incorporate Protective Packaging Into Your Everyday Packages?

With the release and reduction of the current situation-COVID-19, consumers and major retailers have begun to return to normal 

and more routine daily activities, but it will not reduce everyone's enthusiasm and frequency of online shopping, but then Arrivals 

will also encounter problems such as item returns and damage. As a retailer, the cost of returning freight and other costs is nothing 

more than a high cost, especially when encountering domestic holiday promotions such as Double Eleven or Double Twelve, it is a 

big challenge.

Now is the 5G era, and the upsurge of online shopping has been synchronized to rural retail, with a year-on-year increase of 19.1%, 

which also means that the return rate will gradually increase.

This prevalence will also bring great challenges to the supply chain, packaging requirements and standards, transportation conditions, 

and timeliness. Most retailers have begun to adopt various methods to reduce the return rate and warehouse load. Strategies include 

reducing shipping costs, reducing return rates, improving packaging efficiency, and more.

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Reduce Returns: Choose the Right Protective Packaging Materials to Extend Your Voice

First of all, consider whether the returned goods still have value. Then the assessment standard is whether the integrity can be 

maintained during the transportation process. Then, the most pertinent and most effective method lies in effective packaging 

and the selection of targeted packaging materials.


When encountering similar clothing, fragile products, electronic products, or other products, the merchant will coordinate with the 

customer to replace the product and send it back to the customer. Then, the turning point to ensure that there is no problem with 

this transaction is to choose the right protective packaging material, otherwise, it will Second time to receive a damaged item.

Or, you can improve and replace the packaging method and packaging materials to solve the fundamental problem. If it is a valuable 

ceramic fragile product, you can use a kraft paper pad for packaging, because of its good cushioning effect and strong toughness, it 

can provide greater cushioning protection. , For gift decoration, basic fragile products, skin care products, etc., honeycomb paper wrap 

can be used, which has good softness and strong tolerance and can wrap items of various shapes.


You can even choose the inflated air cushion film. These three packaging materials are the best in terms of cost and environmental protection, 

and the demand for reliable packaging and the safety effect is also obvious.

Whether you are a clothing or electronics retailer, choosing the right and effective protective packaging materials will enhance your business 

interests, and effective packaging materials are especially important for in-box packaging. These materials are carefully designed to ensure 

that the product is properly packed and/or cushioned during shipping to minimize damage.

If you encounter a return, you need to resend it and reschedule the shipment through the warehouse, which means that it needs to be in a 

better condition than the first batch of sent items to ensure that the transaction is successfully signed. Cushioning and void-filling packaging solution

are also a focus of in-box packaging to ensure the successful delivery of goods when they are returned.

The above packaging materials have their own automatic packaging machines, which can strengthen the protection effect of the packaging. 

In terms of processing, the three packaging materials of honeycomb paper, kraft paper cushion, and air cushion film are all 100% recyclable. 

It will not increase the trouble of how to deal with it and improve the user's purchase experience.

Due to the high profits involved in product returns, effective protective packaging is a key point. On an annual basis, reducing the return rate can 

increase your business profit by 20%, but it will also be a challenging project.

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