The Challenge: Traditional Foam vs. In-Box Void-Fill Wrappers

Replacing On-site Plastic Bubble Wrap With Sustainable Packaging

In the past few years, the frequency of use of traditional plastic and foam packaging has shown a clear downward trend. 

For the packaging market, its market share has lost nearly one-third. What is the reason for a long-standing phenomenon 

in human life? What about the sharp decline in products? First of all, it must be inseparable from everyone's emphasis on 

environmental protection awareness and the effect of staying away from plastic packaging materials, which play an important 

role in packaging. It is also changing our understanding of what paper is used for.

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Trends In The Use Of Traditional Plastic Packaging

Traditional void fills mean any material that contains plastic is used to fill empty spaces in the package boxes. It includes 

Styrofoam, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. 

They may have some advantages like they are long-lasting and protect the product from wear and tear but it is causing 

more damage to the environment than ever. 

Plastic void fills are not only harmful to human but also damages aquatic lives because most of the plastics are dumped into 

the oceans. Moreover, the production of plastics releases carbon dioxide in high amounts which causes environmental pollution. 

Further, peanut packaging creates a lot of mess at the warehouse stations and when customer open their box, they have to run for 

a sweeper before even checking their products to clean the mess. 

Therefore, it's high time we decide for our future generation because they might face extreme challenges in terms of bad 

environmental conditions. 

Due to this reason, more businesses are switching from these harmful void-fill packaging to better packaging. 


Gradually Expanding And Popular Packaging Methods

Sustainable void fills are in high demand nowadays because of their best performance. Sustainable material is mostly made up of 

kraft paper which is an excellent biodegradable material. They can be used for different packaging purposes according to the 

business requirement. 

In addition to being good for the environment, they provide excellent product transportation safety.

Sustainable packaging manufacturers are coming up with new techniques to protect different kinds of products so that they can 

reach customers without facing any damage. Furthermore, different kinds of machines are used to produce different void fills 

according to customer needs.

Moreover, these void fills not only save your product from damage but also have impressive packaging. Customers may have 

a better experience when they open their packages as a result of their cleaner appearance.



To conclude, when a company switches its packaging from traditional to sustainable packaging, it contributes to a better environment. 

Void fills are an important part of every packaging need. It saves you from a lot of trouble by protecting your product from damage 

or any kind of breakage during transit. Furthermore, presentation enhances due to the use of sustainable void fills. Hence, customers 

can have a better experience when they open their packages.

If you are unsure which void fill is best for your company's needs. You may get in touch with the manufacturer of sustainable packaging. 

They will direct you about packaging needs based on your company's requirements.

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