YJNPACK Paper Cushion Machine System: Functions And Paper Selection Comparison

YJNPACK Paper Cushion Machine System: Functions And Paper Selection Comparison

YJNPACK paper cushion systems include NP-EC/PPO-2/NP-P2 respectively. The three paper packaging machines are suitable for different scenarios, 

and each has its own differences and advantages. But what are the specific differences between these three machines? In the following, we will 

compare the functions, paper selection, and applicable scope of the three machines.

Using kraft paper packaging to replace traditional plastic and foam packaging can provide a green and sustainable packaging environment.



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About The Functional Operation Of The Paper Pad System

First, let’s look at the paper cushion machine NP-EC. Its operation is relatively simple. It automatically cuts kraft paper at a speed of 18m/min. 

It has movable pulleys and a compact body. It also has a simple smart touch screen that can set 3 operations. Mode, automatic, single, 

or pedal mode. The most important thing is to be equipped with an emergency button and a power-off function when the cover is 

opened to prevent employee injuries.

Secondly, the paper cushion machine PPO-2 automatically cuts at a speed of 12m/min. It also has movable pulleys and touchscreen operation, 

3 operating modes, and can be added with an additional layer of kraft paper placement rack to achieve double-layer kraft paper packaging. 

There is no major difference in operation.

The paper cushion machine NP-P2 is the most economical and affordable one. It runs automatically at a speed of 70m/min. It can adjust the 

height and angle, and the paper output length can be adjusted freely. It is suitable for various workplaces and is also affordable in terms of price. 

Lower than the previous two models, it can satisfy the needs of most e-commerce logistics companies.


About Paper Selection For Paper Pad Systems

In terms of paper selection, the paper cushion machine NP-EC requires the use of special folding paper, which can form pleats under the action of 

special gears to produce a buffering and protective effect. It is more suitable for industry and transportation of some heavy items.

There is no restriction on paper selection for the other two paper cushion machines. Both rolled and fanfold paper can be used and can be 

purchased in most local markets. The price of PPO-2 will be higher than NP-P2, but Double-layer kraft paper can be accepted, and both are 

suitable for e-commerce express logistics delivery and filling packaging.


Final summary

There are certain differences in the functions, operations, and paper selection of the three paper pad machines, but they all have applicable markets 

and can be selected according to usage needs. If you need to transport a lot of heavy items, NP-EC is the first choice because its paper is more three-dimensional, 

wider, and stronger, and can better form a cushioning protection.

If you need to fill packaging and have a supply of paper, you can choose PPO-2/NP-P2. They are both cost-effective paper packaging machines, but if your budget 

does not have a lot, then NP-P2 will be very suitable for you.

If you are interested in our paper cushion machine, you can also take a look at our other types. Please do not hesitate to contact us and have a prototype for 

machine testing. We will reply to you within 24 hours and accept any brand customization from your order.

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