5 Ways To Activate The Magic Of Custom Packaging

During the transportation process, the most prominent focus is to protect the products during transportation, which also ensures that the goods 

can reach consumers smoothly. However the rise of online shopping has also led to the large-scale establishment of e-commerce, and with it, 

there will be more and more diverse protective packaging materials and various customer experiences.

Some big domestic brands such as Vipshop and JD.com will customize some unique packaging that matches their own brands. Thereby stimulating 

consumers' interest and favorability in the brand. Protective packaging materials and unique brand custom packaging will be part of a positive reward 

experience for consumers.

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Assuming you are a consumer, will you have different feelings and thoughts when receiving customized packaging from different brands? 

When consumers are satisfied with the purchased items and see unique packaging, it will add a different impression and drive the sharing 

and transfer of information.

Whether it is paper protection materials or packaging machines that produce packaging materials, NRTEC can provide personalized and diversified 

unboxing experiences and brand effects. These packaging gap-filling systems all have certain characteristics: high throughput to meet high-volume 

packaging needs, safety, and protection, combined with ergonomics and packaging worker-friendly highlights.

So, in what aspects can we improve the customer experience during the unboxing process? We give the answer in the following analysis.


Unique Wrapping Paper

Honeycomb paper wrap can print brand logos and promotional information or print fragile identification labels to improve 

product recognition and bring a different receiving experience to customers.

Strengthen Information Transfer Connections

When you hold an event or offer a discount, the success of the event depends on the number of participants, and the key lies in whether 

the marketing is accurate and correct. When your online shopping is over, you may be immersed in shopping without noticing the active 

advertisements, such as customizable and personalized decorations, but these can be printed on the product packaging outer box, or even 

the product packaging. The small card inside also serves as a reminder that this event is surrounding consumers everywhere.

Provide Discount Information

When customers receive and open your package, card information will usually be inserted inside, which can introduce the brand or 

discount information, and achieve the effect of promoting the brand through secondary sales to old customers. It can be on a card or on 

the protective packaging material of the product package.

Provide After-sales Access

If the product and packaging satisfy consumers, they will naturally have repeat customers or introduce new customers. When they buy again, 

you can capture their feelings about your brand and packaging, products and delivery, services, and shopping experience through their emotions. , 

thereby improving and improving. Printing on product packaging materials is another way to increase the distance between you and your customers.

Build Brand Image

In addition to image building on the platform, consumers may also pay attention to the social media accounts of some brands. They can 

use the image-building of social media accounts to stimulate buyers obtain some feedback, and build mutual attention.

Choose NRTEC solutions to make your packaging unique and not simple, directly shortening the distance between you and your customers, and 

also improving brand awareness and consumers' shopping experience.

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