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YJNPACK will go through furniture performance testing to national and international industry standards. It has passed testing of GB/T 3325-2008, GB 18584-2001, QB/T 4371-2012, and QB/T 4451-2013. .
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Honeycomb Paper Wrap Egg High-altitude Test
Honeycomb Paper Wrap Egg High-altitude Test
Honeycomb paper wrap has become very popular in the packaging market. This video mainly uses honeycomb paper to pack eggs and test them by dropping them from high altitudes to verify whether such egg packaging will cause eggs to break. At the end of the experiment, we prepared a glass to break the eggs to verify the authenticity of the results.The results of the video show that the eggs wrapped in honeycomb paper remain intact after being dropped from a high altitude. So, what characteristics does the honeycomb paper have to keep the eggs from being shattered by falling from a high altitude?
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