Sustainable Packaging Solution - Honeycomb Paper

October 19, 2022

The world needs more sustainable packaging to reduce environmental harm to the earth. That’s why the majority of companies 

are shifting towards more eco-friendly packaging needs.

To ensure that their products are completely safe and secure during transportation or storage, businesses must take care of their 

packaging. However, it is also essential to select the right packaging machine. There are a variety of packaging machines on the market. 

One of them is honeycomb paper wrap dispensers.

In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about honeycomb paper wrap dispensers.

Let’s start right away!

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  1. 1. What Is Honeycomb Paper Wrap?

  2. 2. What is a Honeycomb Paper made of?

  3. 3. How Does The Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser Work?

  4. 4. Advantages of Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser 

  5. 5. Why Should The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser Be My Choice?

  6. 6. Final Thoughts

What Is Honeycomb Paper Wrap?

As the name suggests, this paper has a hexagonal shape similar to a honeycomb giving the alternative to plastic 

bubble wrap. It saves products from damage while shipping or handling them, especially fragile products.

Unlike plastic packaging materials, honeycomb paper consumes less space and offers more protection to the products. 

Apart from this, its appearance is more appealing, and due to its versatile shape, you can wrap any shaped product in it.

Moreover, Companies including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ceramics, gift wrapping, artworks, frames, and food industries 

are taking advantage of honeycomb paper wraps. 

What Is A Honeycomb Paper Made Of?

The paper used in honeycomb paper wrap is kraft paper. This paper was first made by Carl. F Dahl. It is a porous 

paper with tear resistance and high elasticity. Kraft paper is 100% recyclable and has high strength which makes it 

perfect for sustainable packaging.

How Does The Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser Work?

This dispenser is way easier to use and requires no manpower. This is a manual dispenser so it doesn’t need any 

electricity either. 

It has a small rectangular-shaped body containing four suction cups, making it easy to stick to a desktop for packaging. 

You just need to pull the paper from the dispenser according to your product needs. It takes up a small room for storage.

Due to its hexagonal honeycomb structure, this paper interlocks itself and gives secure packaging. Besides, it also eliminates 

the use of adhesives when packaging any product.

Whether you’re running a small or large business, this wrapping dispenser is the perfect choice for its endless benefits. 

It increases work efficiency without any hassle. 

Advantages Of Honeycomb Paper Wrap Dispenser

This paper wrap dispenser has some amazing features that make it the best tool for any business packaging. This could be 

the best packaging machine if you have an E-commerce business, warehouse, or shopping store. Let’s discuss its advantages 

one by one. 

Easy to handle:

When working in bulk quantity, we need something easy to use so that we can save a lot of time. This dispenser frees you from 

all sorts of troubles because of its easy handling. You just need to pull paper according to your need and wrap up your product, 

it requires no extra tape or cutting material and ultimately saves you time.

Cost efficient:

This dispenser not only saves a lot of time but also saves expenses due to its easy-to-use feature. Since the paper interlocks itself 

due to the honeycomb structure, you don’t need extra tape while wrapping. This helps you save taping costs, which, in some cases, 

can be high.


The dispenser is completely manual, hence it saves electricity costs and does not require any kind of operation maintenance either. 

All these features make the product extremely cost-efficient.

Improved Efficiency:

Compared to plastic bubble wrap, paper wrap creates a more attractive appearance and can improve your company’s reputation. 

After completing your product packaging, you just gently need to tear the packaging apart, and voila! You are done packaging. This 

the method improves your packaging efficiency like no other dispenser does. 

The best alternative to traditional bubble wrap:

In addition to other benefits, this honeycomb paper wrap is the best alternative to traditional bubble wrap. Plastic bubble wrap is not 

only harmful to the environment but takes extra space for packaging and increases the weight of the product.

On the other hand, honeycomb paper wrap adds no weight to the product and it is 100% biodegradable if you want to dispose of it 

right away or if you want to use it in the future, you can save it for later use. 

Why Should The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser Be My Choice?

Whether you own a small business or a large one, you need packaging material for your products while transporting them from one 

place to another. A honeycomb paper dispenser is the most convenient packaging machine. Therefore, it may make prove a great 

choice for you.

It does not require any additional service to operate or handle plus it does not include any extra cutting tools. Furthermore, due to 

the double-layer protection of honeycomb paper, it is the best choice to protect your products from damage. You can use them to 

protect a variety of products including all fragile items.

You need to deliver products with great care so the customers could have a pleasant unboxing experience and you could enjoy 

maximum customer satisfaction. A honeycomb dispenser surely helps with that.

Additionally, the kraft paper used in the honeycomb paper dispenser is kind to the environment. Above all, it is a cost-effective 

option for packaging materials.

Honeycomb paper wrap is also used as a paper cushion to fill the extra void space in the box to protect the product from damage. 

The advantage of using it as a cushion paper is that it doesn’t add any extra weight to the carton.

This paper stands out from other packaging materials. Thanks to the presence of a three-dimensional honeycomb structure inside 

that provides excellent flexibility. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, packaging your products in a beautiful way can create the best customer experience. It would leave a great impression on 

customers and increase the marketing level of your business.

Because of this, the majority of businesses adore paying attention to their packaging as it is the first thing customers notice when 

they receive their goods.

Therefore, having an efficient packaging material machine that is also cost-effective and easy to operate is extremely important.

In a nutshell, the honeycomb paper dispenser should be the first choice for your business packaging needs on account of its 

numerous benefits.  

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