Kraft Paper Making Fold Shape Paper Cushion NP-EC

NP-EC Kraft Paper Making Fold Shape Paper Cushion Paper Cushion Pad Machine
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This paper cushion machine solution provides unmatched peace of mind that comes from a rugged and dependable packaging system. Dispensing modes include manual, auto-repeat, and sequence mode to meet your productivity goals. Increase fulfillment velocity with custom-length paper that is produced at up to 150 pads per minute, making it the fastest paper cushioning system on the market. 

The NP-EC Paper Smart paper machine squeezes and folds the paper, makes the paper into the paper cushion with functions like a filling, wrapping, padding, and bracing. The machine has a different preset mode to make cushion paper in different lengths and different layers, for more flexible packaging needs.The system requires minimal service and delivers greater uptime for a more profitable packaging operation. Packers enjoy an easy-to-use touch screen with four operation modes: manual, endless (batching), auto-repeat (cut-and-hold), and ordered (programmable sequence). In manual mode, creating pads is as simple as pushing a button or a foot pedal. In the endless, auto-repeat, or ordered modes, the system consistently delivers the desired pad size on demand in the manner that is most effective for your operation.

NP-EC Kraft Paper Cushion Pad Machine Description

NP-EC Kraft Paper Cushion Pad Machine Details

New Paper Cushion                                                      Multifunctional Control Area

The new technology creates a larger                                         In the main control area, you can turn on the power 

 pad for perfect cushioning while                                                           and press the red emergency stop 

 requiring less paper (quantity) is needed.                                        button to pause the machine if necessary.

LCD Panel Display                                                                 Adjustable head angle

Simple operation Support multiple operations                                      Suitable for different height of the console,

 modes, you can set different paper pad                                                can match the convenience of people of

lengths according to your needs.                                                                  different heights for operation.

Easy To Use                                                                           Recycled Kraft Paper 

The Bracket Is Designed With Anti-skid Roller,                                                       The use of recyclable environmentally friendly 

stable and not easy to shift, you to move the                                                     kraft paper rolls provide buffering

machine easily at any time.                                                                                       efficiency and reduces costs.

NP-EC Kraft Paper Cushion Pad Machine Details Images

Paper Outlet                                                       Paper Tension                                             Main Engine

Angle Adjusting Device                               Paper Pad Forming Gear                             Supporting Base 

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1.What is the MOQ?
We accept sample orders and trial orders. Normally, our MOQ is 1 Pc.

2.Are you a manufacturer and trading company?

We are an eco-friendly packaging manufacturer with 16 years of experience.

3.What are your warranty terms?

We provide a 3 years warranty for our cushion packaging machines.

Advantages of Paper cushion machine

1.creasing technology for maximum material utilization

2.Reliable: high availability through proven technology

3. Ergonomics: e.g. touch panels, foot pedals, and noise reduction

4. Image: paper has a favorable image with end customers

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