Custom Honeycomb Wrapping Paper 10m×30cm For Transportation Protection

Honeycomb Paper Roll
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Honeycomb wrapping paper is a green new option for packaging. It replaces traditional plastic and foam packaging and is very popular in the packaging industry with an efficient and green packaging method. One pull, one roll, and one tear is its packaging method, no other operations, just 15 seconds to complete your packaging.

Not only that, the honeycomb paper wrap uses 0 plastic and 0 added kraft paper pulp as the basic raw material, and is produced through a series of process technologies. Therefore, the use of honeycomb paper wrap will not cause pollution to the environment. Kraft paper has strong toughness and good softness, so honeycomb wrapping paper can pack items of various sizes and shapes.

Seeing this, I believe that you have become interested in honeycomb paper and us. Let's take a look down with me.

Product Details

Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Features

-The color, size, and outer packaging of honeycomb wrapping paper can be customized

-Extremely good stretchability, all kinds of shapes can be packed

-Efficient, 15s to complete packaging

-0 plastic, 100% fully recyclable and compostable

-Multi-purpose, a good helper for moving packing

-Perfect protection, carton void filling, and wrapping

-Save money, light and durable, reduce shipping costs, and last longer

Advantages we have:

-Over 100,000 rolls in stock

-All specifications are complete

-Direct Factory Prices and Availability

-Own factory production, delivery guarantee

-24 hours online service

-Free samples, feel in advance

Honeycomb Wrapping Paper-Custom Size And Color

Honeycomb paper wrap has various sizes. If the family needs to move and other simple filling and packaging, you 

can choose 10m/30cm honeycomb paper. If you need to use it with electric honeycomb paper machines and 

honeycomb paper dispensers, you need to Choose the width of the honeycomb paper roll according to the 

equipment. Whether it is used for moving house or for express packaging protection, you can customize the width 

of honeycomb paper you want.

Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Tensile Testing

The test data shows that after 100 times of tension, the optimal tension value of honeycomb paper is 13.82N, which 

also reflects the excellent tensile ductility of honeycomb paper, which can be extended in any direction.

Honeycomb Packing Paper Product Details

                                                                           Good Ductility                                                         

The honeycomb wrapping paper can be stacked in rolls, the storage space is increased by 25%, and it is super easy to 

stretch, and the honeycomb paper has a high elastic ratio of 1:1.6.              

                                                      High-efficiency Buffer Protection Packaging

With just one pull, one pack, one tear, you can end your packaging, add ribbons, etc. for decoration, and improve the 

customer's purchase value.

Types Of Honeycomb Paper Roll


We are one of the professional protective packaging manufacturers located in Xiamen, Fujian. We have two large factories for 

production, which separates the production of accessories from the production of equipment, making the production process 

more orderly. With our own R&D design team and operation center, we can provide:

*On-time delivery

*5S after-sales service

*Exclusive customized service

*Direct factory price

*24H online reply with star rating

YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more eco-friendly.

We provide you with a one-stop service, allowing you to shop with peace of mind.

*OEM&ODM service

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*The whole machine is guaranteed for two years

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*Provide solutions and troubleshooting videos

*Provide professional service instructions

*24 Hours Online Reply

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