Manual Honeycomb Paper Dispenser HP-S1 Protective Wrapping System

Honeycomb Paper Dispenser HP50-S1
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The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser HP-S1 is an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and aesthetically functional alternative to bubble wrap, the perfect combination of flexibility and appearance in protective packaging systems. The main principle of its design is to take into account the different needs of users for the width of the honeycomb paper roll while packaging, so the biggest feature of the honeycomb paper dispenser HP-S1 is that the width of the honeycomb paper roll can be customized, which can be 30cm, 38cm,50cm. This is one of the reasons why the majority of packaging people love this honeycomb paper dispenser.

Honeycomb Paper Dispenser Main Interface:

*4 suction cups

*Screw knob

*Triangular Support Panel

*Paper roll support rod

Product Details

Honeycomb Paper Dispenser HP-S1 Features

The honeycomb paper dispenser HP-S1 can be stably stretched and will not be affected by the weight of the 

honeycomb paper roll. It is supported by the golden ratio triangle shape panel, and the tightness of the 

honeycomb paper is controlled by rotating the screw knob, and the output is stable. The hexagonal 

honeycomb structure Locks together to securely hold various products, and thanks to its unique design, 

it doesn't require tape or glue.

*Manual output

*Compatible with 4 sizes of paper

*The golden triangle is stable and durable

*Honeycomb paper width: 30cm, 38cm, 50cm, etc.

*Honeycomb paper length: within 250m

After the tensile test of the honeycomb paper, the average tear strength value is 13.86N, so the honeycomb paper 

can be stretched to 2.5-3 times without breaking, and ideally can be stretched to 1.8 times its original length. 

Therefore, the use of honeycomb paper packaging can be wrapped in all directions.

Honeycomb Paper Dispenser Custom Roll Width

According to the needs of your own packaging, the width of the honeycomb paper roll can be customized, which can 

be 30cm, 38cm, or 50cm. etc. Different widths and weights of the honeycomb paper roll will not affect the stretching 

degree of the honeycomb paper, which is also the honeycomb paper dispenser The magic of the HP-S1.

Honeycomb Paper Dispenser Details Images


                                                                    Manual Packing

Adjust the tightness of the honeycomb paper by rotating the screw knob. The humanized design of the paper inserts, 

without power maintenance, and easily stretches out the natural interlocking honeycomb structure.


                                                                      High Stability

The four suction cups at the bottom of the honeycomb paper dispenser can be strongly attached to the desktop, 

stable, and easy to pack.


                                                                Perfectly Formed Protection

The unique spiral adjustment structure can cleverly separate the honeycomb paper from the honeycomb structure, 

giving the product better protection.

Honeycomb Packing Paper Wrap Product Case

Honeycomb wrapping wraps the product perfectly, and because of its toughness and softness, it can wrap items of 

all shapes and can be twisted and wrapped in any direction. Honeycomb wrapping paper can also wrap up various 

products such as gift decoration, cosmetics, breakables, ceramics, and household items. It can also be used with 

white backing paper as a packaging decoration to enhance the customer's unboxing experience.


We are one of the professional protective packaging manufacturers located in Xiamen, Fujian. We have two large 

factories for production, which separates the production of accessories from the production of equipment, 

making the production process more orderly. With our own R&D design team and operation center, 

we can provide:

*On-time delivery

*5S after-sales service

*Exclusive customized service

*Direct factory price

*24H online reply with star rating

YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more eco-friendly.

We provide you with a one-stop service, allowing you to shop with peace of mind.

*OEM&ODM service

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*Provide solutions and troubleshooting videos

*Provide professional service instructions

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