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Air Pillow Machine LA-X4
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The air cushion machine LA-X4 is a new type of inflatable machine newly developed by YJNPACK after continuous testing and market research. The difference between this one and LA-X1 is that it can be applied to various air-cushion films or bubble films of different specifications, while LA-X1 is only suitable for small rolls of air-cushion films and has different key panels, so you can choose according to your needs. The overall shell of the bubble machine is made of metal alloy material. The overall body is compact and only 32*32*29 CM and does not take up space. It adopts a heating wire structure and does not need to wait for a warm-up time. The application of smart chip technology greatly improves the film-blowing speed performance of the air cushion machine, the body weight is only 6kg, reducing transportation costs.

Air Cushion Machine LA-X4 Features

The air cushion packaging machine LA-X4 is also called a bubble machine or an inflatable machine, which is very suitable for 

some valuables or high-end cosmetics, fragile goods, etc. The air cushion packaging machine LA-X4 has a higher position of 

the film roll, so it can accommodate different specifications It has the most basic key panel. By adjusting "+" or "-" to 

set the temperature, air, meters, etc., the inflation effect is optimal, and the air cushion film is effectively inflated 

to form an air pillow. The result is an air pillow that fills, supports, cushions, and shocks.

If you're on a budget and need an air cushion machine, then consider ours. It is cost-effective and practical.

-Quickly produce air cushion, and only need 10s warm-up time

-Applicable to different specifications of air cushion film

-Simple operation, just need to adjust the temperature, air, and meters

-Low maintenance, high yield, and durable

-Customized logo and color, outer packaging

-Efficient end-of-line packaging solutions

-Transparent color packaging to improve the impression of packaging and unpacking

Air Cushion Machine LA-X4 Product Parameters

Air Cushion Machine LA-X4 Custom Logo

We are the original air cushion machine manufacturer and support product customization logo, color, and outer 

packaging service and our designer will design the pattern after confirmation.

Air Cushion Packaging Machine LA-X4 Factory Diagram

Air Cushion Machine LA-X4 Product Details


                                                                          Efficient Output

The air cushion packaging machine makes air cushion at a speed of 7-14m/s, and it only takes 10 seconds to warm up after 

the switch is turned on.


                                                                       Wear-Resistant Belt

Belt life over 100000 M. The operation is simple and the replacement can be completed in 1 minute.


                                                                             LED Screen

                        LED screen for easy adjustment of air, temperature, gauges, and speed.


                                                                    Safe And Well Sealed

The air cushion film is durable and has good sealing performance, and the inflation rate can reach 95%, 

which can fully provide buffer protection for fragile items in transport.

Air Cushion Machine LA-X1&LA-X4 Comparison

The LA-X4 is more intelligent, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Speed: The speed of LA-X4 is 7-14m/s

2. Roll film width: LA-X4 can withstand large roll film width

3. The induction is more intelligent: LA-X4 can be connected to pedals, and sensors and the number of meters 

of film roll can be freely set, and the LED screen is wider.


YJNPACK makes packaging simpler and more eco-friendly. We are a professional buffer packaging manufacturer, 

providing you with a one-stop solution.

YJNPACK continues to drive the development of industrial packaging through innovation, launching more than 5 

new products every year, productivity, and a trusted product brand. We are committed to researching and 

developing a range of new environmentally friendly packaging alternatives to reduce packaging waste and plastic 

content. This means more savings in transportation costs and less pollution.

Direct factory price, 1 piece delivery, and 1-year warranty are our promises.

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