YJNPACK Exquisite Cardboard Shredder HP-EX1

Cardboard Shredder HP-EX1
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1 Year
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Lead Time
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Power: 180W 

Speed: 3.5M/min 

Weight: N.W: 32kg, G.W: 44kg 

Cutting width:320mm 

Voltage:100-120V or 210-230V (Choose according to your local voltage)

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The cardboard shredder is a safe and simple operation that is very suitable for industrial use, it is very suitable for shredding some cardboard or other cardboard with a thickness of 8mm, whether it is thick carton paper or meager A4 paper, it can be easily shredded. The thickness of the paper can be selected within 8mm and the width within 320mm, which can be used in industry to smash useless cartons and keep the warehouse clean. Also, cardboard waste can be converted into packaging material. These small-volume and compact punchers are ideal for small businesses and basic transportation. Up to 12 moving boxes full of shredded cardboard can be produced per hour. This cardboard perforator has a maximum speed of 3.5M/min and can run continuously. The integrated turbo function resolves any blockages during operation and is easy to clean. The machine has an adjustable scale to produce the desired width of cushioning material. Easy-to-use and rugged housing with a simple push-button operation, just turn. 

Product Details
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About The Cardboard Shredder HP-EX1

Some companies in Europe, or other countries, need to pay for the disposal of recyclables, so some companies 

recycle waste internally. Using cardboard as void filler for shipping items not only reduces recyclables but is also 

a great way to protect the shipped product and reduce waste.

With its shredding function, the cardboard perforator HP-EX1 is very easy to use, just manually switch the 

switch and it will run automatically. This is a stunning small-size design, but the function is very powerful, and the 

desktop design is more suitable for commercial or household use. If you need to use it in industry, you can try or 

order another large cardboard shredder-cutting machine from us.

Cardboard Shredder Custom Logo

Regarding customization, we will have a complete customization process. If you want to design your own 

logo or pattern style, you can provide it to our business manager. We will have a professional designer make 

the first draft and then proceed to production after providing samples for confirmation.

Cardboard Shredder Product Details


                                                                   Make the packaging sample

This cardboard perforator is small in size and has a maximum cutting length of 320mm, which 

can shred even the paper in the outer box.


                                                                Provides Premium Protection

The cardboard shredder uses a unique "cutting" technology to make 8mm thick cardboard into a 

soft shock-proof Cushion packaging filling material.


                                                                     Easy To Operate

                Select the cardboard width and turn the button to automatically cut the cardboard.


                                                                                Easy To Clean

                 Simple design, the cardboard scraps can be cleaned up at any time, convenient and fast.

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  1. 1. Why Do You Need A Cardboard Shredder?

  2. 2. Is Cardboard Shredder Worth It?

  3. 3. How To Shred Cardboard Easily?

  4. 4. Is There A Machine To Shred Cardboard?

  5. 5. What Machines Are Used To Recycle Cardboard?

  6. 6. What Kind Of Shredder Can Shred Cardboard?

  7. 7. Is It Better To Recycle Cardboard Or Plastic?

Why Do You Need A Cardboard Shredder?

If you produce a large number of cartons or another protective packaging every day or a month, why not 

consider another investment method? Invest in this cardboard perforator and convert your waste 

cardboard boxes into high-quality shock-absorbing material. Not only saving money and preserving value but 

also contributing to environmental protection.

The Cardboard Shredder is an eco-friendly, recyclable, and creative packaging solution that turns everyday 

cardboard waste into eco-friendly and free packaging material that can even be repurposed into carton packaging 

cushioning for home storage Liquor, precious ceramics, etc. In individual countries, the use of cardboard shredders 

can also help to reduce the payment of recycling fees.

Is Cardboard Shredder Worth It?

A cardboard shredder can help you reduce the amount of waste paper and pile up useless paper. Effectively 

distinguish useful paper from waste paper, which is better for the environment. And, help you smash some 

private files, and make your office more secure.

The cardboard perforator is designed for small and medium-sized businesses or household use, and it is changeable. 

But inserting the cardboard is very simple. It slides in through a horizontal slot with adjustable graduated sliders and 

accepts a maximum cardboard thickness of 320mm.

The cardboard perforator HP-EX1 is the perfect packaging solution for recycling, transport, warehouse, and dispatch areas 

in all industries or households. Specially hardened cutting technology ensures cartons are cut with precision and scales for reference, 

filling, and cutting in one operation. Scaled guides (in millimeters) allow you to freely adjust to the width of the carton and accept one 

layer of cardboard at a time. And the noise of the cardboard shredder will not affect your daily office.

The cardboard shredder HP-EX1 can be placed on any desktop in your production area or daily office, it is easy to use 

and can be customized.

How To Shred Cardboard Easily?

If you have a cardboard perforator, you only need to put the cardboard you don't need into the cardboard shredder, 

turn the button, and it will automatically cut the cardboard into filling materials, reduces the payment of recycling fees, and 

improve various cardboard materials usage rates.

Is There A Machine To Shred Cardboard?

Of course, use a cardboard shredder to shred cardboard waste to convert it into another environmentally friendly packaging-filling material. 

Using a cardboard shredder machine can perforate cardboard with a thickness of 380mm into a flexible mesh filler, which you can use as 

Eco-friendly and free packaging or storing valuables at home.

What Machines Are Used To Recycle Cardboard?

A cardboard shredder is a commercial or industrial or even home recycling machine that allows you to immediately recycle cardboard waste 

and reuse it as recyclable packaging material or storage for valuables. When you have extra cartons at home or cartons after receiving express 

delivery, you can use a cardboard shredder to shred them, and further reduce the cost of delivery and recycling for you.

What Kind Of Shredder Can Shred Cardboard?

Generally speaking, a cardboard shredder can completely shred for the thickness of some express cartons. Cardboard shredder machines are 

divided into household-use industrial shredders, similar to industrial cardboard shredders, which can shred twice the thickness of ordinary express cartons, 

and make full use of them as environmentally friendly and free packaging cushioning materials.

Is It Better To Recycle Cardboard Or Plastic?

As we all know, planks are made of wood and are also a completely renewable resource, but cardboard produces far less carbon dioxide than plastic and 

foam products. Moreover, cardboard can be converted into carton-filling material under the action of a paper shredder, and it is durable and recyclable, 

and only consumes a little electricity without other energy consumption.

About YJNPACK Production

YJNPACK has its own large-scale production workshop and complete production process and system, including 

an equipment production line, parts warehouse, kraft paper production line, and roll film production line. 

Product quality will go through a strict quality inspection and selection of high-quality raw materials. Good products 

also need high-quality support to ensure that every YJNPACK product is a high-quality product.

After-sales Service

1. The whole machine is guaranteed for 1-year

2. During the warranty period, free replacement parts

3. Troubleshooting problems, professional technicians answer one-on-one

4. Provide solutions and troubleshooting videos

5. Provide professional service instructions

About YJNPACK Scale

Zhangzhou Nanjing is one of the production bases of YJNPACK in China. The total area is 5000 acres, it has more 

than 100 professional and technical workers and 2 top R&D teams, providing one-stop OEM and ODM.

YJNPACK, born for your brand.

About Our Team 

We are passionate about innovation and self-developed products to market, which is why we are always proud to 

welcome the most enthusiastic and talented people to join our growing industry to achieve our goals.

From production to operation, we have a professional technical research and development team and a sales and 

operation team to provide customers with high-quality services, including after-sales, customization, and 24-hour reception, 

integrating production and service.

Our Service Team

In YJNPACK, we have a common goal and achieve it, accept any challenge and face it, treat every customer seriously, 

put people first, and provide passionate and professional personnel with more opportunities for success. I hope that 

everyone in YJNPACK can become a person with lofty aspirations and realize their personal career planning and 

obtain their own career development opportunities, continuously motivate and protect, and continue to develop 

and advance.

Product CE Certificate

All products are marketed and produced with specific CE certifications.

About Our Customers

YJNPACK, our services are sold all over the world, realize international packaging, and escort the global express packaging.

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