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Honeycomb Paper Padded Mailer
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100% Recyclable kraft honeycomb paper
4"X8",6"X8",6"X10",8"X12",10"X12",12"X16",14"X16",  Accept customize size
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The Honeycomb Padded Mailer is a durable, lightweight, and custom-sized curbside recyclable kraft paper packaging solution and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bubble envelope bags. The internal unfolding is a hexagonal honeycomb paper interlocking structure, which can prevent the package from being damaged during transportation. In addition, various sizes are available, which can be 4"X8" or 8"X12", 10"X12" or other sizes to meet the needs of various items.

Product Details

About Honeycomb Padded Mailer

The honeycomb padded mailer is different from other envelope bag packaging. Its interior is changed to honeycomb paper 

material as the inner lining, so its protective performance is strong. Using this biodegradable honeycomb padded mailer as 

the packaging material can improve the customer's impression of the brand. Pull the distance with the customer. And it's 

100% recyclable nature makes it easy to handle.

*Using kraft paper raw material, so the honeycomb paper bag is tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and waterproof

*100% plastic free, so customers can handle it easily

* The inner honeycomb structure makes its protective performance strong so that the product can be delivered safely

*Accepting various size customization: can be 4"X8",6"X8",6"X10",8"X12",10"X12",12"X16",14"X16"

Honeycomb Padded Mailer Details

                                                              Provides high-quality protection

The inside of the honeycomb paper envelope bag is a 3D honeycomb structure, so it can provide a high-quality 

cushioning effect and delivering items safely.

                                                               High strength sticky

The seal of the honeycomb paper envelope bag has a strong adhesiveness, which prevents items from being replaced 

during transportation and protects transportation privacy.

                                                            Opaque and lightweight

Kraft Paper honeycomb Cushioning Protected Padded Envelopes are completely opaque and protect the shipped item 

from prying and curious eyes. You can mail sensitive documents without fear in these Honeycomb Padded mailers.

                                                         Custom Sizes and Cost Savings

Honeycomb padded mailers can be customized in various sizes, and their lightweight saves shipping costs. It can 

be used to pack light and fragile items or books in life.

Bubble Bag VS Honeycomb Padded Mailer


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