Everything You Need To Know The Water Activated Tape Dispenser

August 08, 2022

Have you ever felt the packaging is done in just your 20s? Let's feel it together.

The water-activated tape dispenser is designed to replace ordinary tape guns. It is harmless to the ecosystem, efficient, and safe. You can choose 

the appropriate tape length for different carton sizes to meet different sealing requirements. The machine will automatically produce the tape, 

which greatly improves the cutting cycle of manual tape.

In addition, water-activated tape produces a fast, strong bond immediately after wetting, creating a strong seal on the carton. The 

Water Activated Tape Dispenser provides a quick way to estimate the wet tape used to close the crease container.

Let's take a closer look at the best-sealed carton packaging solution on the market - Paper Tape Machine!

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The water-activated tape dispenser is an efficient packaging machine with automatic programming. It comes with water-activated kraft tape, a 

large-capacity water tank and brushes, and more. At the moment when you select the tape length to activate the switch, enough water will be 

applied to the tape, and then it will become sticky immediately, which can be firmly adhered to the carton and integrated with the carton.

How The Water Activated Tape Dispenser Works

The automatic tape dispenser outputs tape at an average rate of 30 cm per second, which not only reduces working time but also speeds up packaging, 

ideal for transport and packaging arrangements for medium and high-volume applications. And, this water-activated tape machine can cut individual 

pre-customized lengths.

Therefore, this efficient tape gadget can wet, cut, and dispense tape, and can adjust the size of the tape inside. Plenty of programmable keyboards allow 

for more tape lengths. Doing so can accommodate a variety of non-tradable sizes of container packaging for more prominent adaptability. The 2-liter 

the water tank is preheated to start the glue, and it can work for 24 hours without changing the water.

The strong stickiness of the water-activated tape, when wetted with water, reduces labor costs so that labor does not have to reuse tape to reinforce 

the carton.

Below are some of the standout features of this water-activated tape dispenser:

● Warm end

It prevents the engine from overheating after extensive use.

●Interlock switch

When the lid is opened, it immediately de-energizes to prevent employee injury.

●Material decision

Fire-resistant plastic, steel side shells, premium solenoid connections, and galvanized hardened steel components.

Advantages Of Water-activated Tape Dispenser

●Have 4 programming modes to meet different packaging needs

●One-click to generate the corresponding tape length

●Choose the tape length and cut it automatically

●Fast speed, output tape at a speed of 30 cm per second

●Provide 15-210cm tape length optional

●100% recyclable and biodegradable, saving cost

●The setting of the foot pedal further develops the packing technique.

●Tape aerials to improve on lengthy tape apportioning

●2-year warranty, sure quality, replace traditional tape

Where Can You Use It?

Furthermore, you can use it to adhere to the following materials;

●Uncoated creased or cardboard holders

●White butcher wrap and more extraordinary paper

●Creased wrap

●Kraft wrapping paper

●Uncoated pizza and botanical boxes


When you have read the detailed instructions about the tape dispenser, you can now better choose the product you want. When buying a tape machine, 

you must keep all the points in mind. Choose the right product for your business.

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