Eco-friendly Honeycomb Paper Wrap System Packaging Solution

August 03, 2022

Are you looking for efficient packaging with a simple-to-operate packaging machine? If you have this idea, then you will love honeycomb paper machine packaging.

Honeycomb paper packaging is a manual packaging machine that does not require power at all. It only requires you to place it on the table and gently pull it to package your products safely and delicately. Isn't it great? The answer must be yes.

On the other hand, honeycomb paper has super elasticity and flexibility. Therefore, it provides excellent cushioning for products and prevents them from scratching.

Moreover, the 3D honeycomb structure inside the honeycomb paper can wrap the items in all directions, and can also be decorated with ribbons, thus providing customers with an excellent unboxing experience.

So, let's explore honeycomb paper packaging together.

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1. 70GSM 80GSM box type honeycomb packing paper machine

2. OEM Manual Honeycomb Paper Dispenser HP50-T2

3. Electric honeycomb paper machine HP50-D2

4. In Conclusion

1.70GSM 80GSM Box Type Honeycomb Packing Paper Machine

70GSM 80GSM Box Cellular Paper Dispenser is one that can stick on the desktop for packaging, it allows you to pull it 

to the length you want, then tear it off, saving cost and packaging time.

When you stretch, it can cleverly separate the honeycomb paper from the white backing paper to provide cushioning 

protection for the package.

1. Easy and fast packaging

You don't need scissors or other tools to cut this box packaging, you just need to tear it by hand. And, it can be stretched 

to the length you want. Also, no adhesive or tape is required to stick the paper packaging due to its construction with 

the ability to interlock.

2. Wide range of applications

This honeycomb paper machine offers a wide range of applications everywhere. Generally applicable to the printing 

consumables industry, e-commerce enterprises, electronic and sporting goods, ceramics, etc.

3. Save transportation cost

Honeycomb packing paper is much lighter in weight than other traditional wrapping materials. So there is no extra 

weight of the product when using its package.

2. OEM Manual Honeycomb Paper Dispenser HP50-T2

The new version of the honeycomb paper machine is here, adding knobs to help kraft paper enter the machine better. 

When packaging, you only need to do the following 3 steps;

●Pull out the paper from the honeycomb paper holder

●Wrap your items

●Tear off your wrapping paper

1. Good stability and practicality

The honeycomb paper dispenser HP50-T2 has four suction cups at the bottom which can be strongly adsorbed on the 

desktop, so you can pack it on the desktop with confidence without moving.

2. Feed knob

This honeycomb paper dispenser can use the rotary knob to assist the better entry of the honeycomb paper, and the 

adjustment of the rotary button can also adjust the tightness of the paper so that the honeycomb paper can be unfolded 

to the best position for better wrapping of objects.

3. Electric honeycomb paper machine HP50-D2

Maybe you have seen too much manual honeycomb paper wrap, and you will want to look at the electric honeycomb 

paper machine. It is also a product that is very suitable for industrial use and can help you transport and protect fragile items 

faster. With the progress of social development, automation is becoming more and more prevalent and developing.

1. Multiple operation modes

In order to meet the high requirements of users for packaging production efficiency, this honeycomb paper machine has two 

modes, automatic mode and time mode, and a speed adjustment button, which can adjust the speed according to the needs, 

and is equipped with an emergency stop button to prevent An emergency occurs.

2. Quality Warranty

Honeycomb paper machine uses the best quality materials to make it perform well, as long as there is any problem during the 

warranty period, we will accept replacement and repair, and our team will provide 24-hour consulting services.

3. Fast and easy to use

When you are wrapping, just activate the switch and the paper will automatically come out, you just need to put the white paper 

and honeycomb paper into the rotating rod. Then pull the two sheets slightly out and adjust the desired operating mode. 

Finally, when the paper comes out of the machine, start wrapping your items.

In Conclusion

In the end, whether you buy a manual or automatic honeycomb paper machine, it will help you grow your business. However, 

honeycomb wrapping paper is a 100% recyclable material, in line with today's environmental trends. So, adopting this packaging 

alternative can protect your environment from non-recyclable packaging materials.

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