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July 18, 2022

The air cushion machine may be a well-known packaging solution. In terms of carton packaging protection, the air cushion machine can inflate the air cushion film of any specification to form an air cushion, and has a shock-proof function, providing excellent protection in transportation protection.

But why can an air cushion machine help you with packaging? So, to solve this problem, let's look down together.

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YJNPACK, make packaging simpler and make the world more eco-friendly. YJNPACK was established in 2015, as a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and after-sales. Large-scale plant over 5000 square meters, more than 100 professional skilled workers. YJNPACK has obtained more than 30 patent certificates through independent research and development of gummed tape machines, air cushion machines, paper cushion machines, and Automatic honeycomb paper machines. Switching from traditional plastic packaging to packaging with eco-friendly materials means more savings in shipping costs and less pollution. Our packaging machines combine honeycomb paper, air-cushion film, kraft tape, honeycomb mailer, Kraft paper roll, and new packaging materials to provide customers with a one-stop packaging solution. We continue to innovate, launching more than 5 new products every year. Direct factory price, 1 piece delivery, 2-years warranty, are our promises.

1. So, What Is An Air Cushion Machine?

2. Why Would You Need To Buy An Air Pillow Machine?

3. Where Can The Air Cushion Machine Be Used?

4. Final Verdict

So, What Is An Air Cushion Machine?

Everyone should have heard about or seen the air cushion machine. As long as you buy expensive cosmetics or fragile items, 

you will see businesses use air cushion film for packaging. More and more businesses are using air cushion film to package 

some valuables.

Companies choose packaging materials with a budget and cost in mind, but with an air or pillow machine, you can easily save 

on shipping and generating thousands of packaging materials in no time.

In fact, the air cushion machine can also be called an inflator, which can inflate air cushion films of different specifications and 

varieties to form air pillows, air bubbles, or others to fill the gaps of the carton and has the shockproof function to provide 

buffer protection.

Why Would You Need To Buy An Air Pillow Machine?

Many people get confused when buying an air machine. The reason is that they wanted an all-in-one packaging solution that 

would save time and energy. So, how can you be sure this machine is the right fit for you.

  1. 1. Efficiency

When the air-cushion machine starts to operate, it can use very little packaging material to achieve double protection, so it can 

solve your problem immediately. Highly used in the market, it ensures customer satisfaction and puts their needs first.

In the event of mishandling, it's easy to set up and protects against emergency shipping damage. Because the machine uses less 

material, lightweight, and easy to use.

2. Save Time

Another attractive feature of the air cushion machine is that it can save time and effort, with a speed of 20m/min and only 10 seconds 

of heating time. Not only that, but with the air filling machine, you can quickly produce up to 800 parcels a day.

Not only that, but it is also easy to carry and transport around the world. E-commerce stores like Amazon and Alibaba use these packaging 

machines as a fast and safe energy option.

3. Recyclable

Due to the biodegradable nature of the air pillow, the product it produces is easy to recycle. This means that if you use an air pillow machine, 

you can reap long-term benefits. The best thing about this machine is that you don't need to install multiple layers of packaging.

The materials and design of this machine make it very sturdy and ergonomic. In addition, the air pillow machine is also compatible with different 

specifications and types of air cushion films to meet your various packaging needs and allow you to transport items safely. Due to its versatility, it 

is the fastest compact machine used by small and large businesses.

4. Great output

Finding a machine that not only improves efficiency but also produces quick results is not an easy task. But, with the help of air pillow machinery, 

you can get a high level of cushioning options for your small or large company. 

Due to its high speed and quick delivery, it can run up to 10 meters per minute. This is a huge output, especially for those who want more products 

in a short time frame.

5. Performance

With a highly efficient packaging design, the pillow machine comes with great solutions and high productivity. It has a suitable film roll and a high 

power capacity of 180 Watt which makes it one of the ideal packaging machines. 

Moreover, it has an AC voltage of 110 to 230 V which is more than enough to pack your products immediately. The unique thing about this machine 

is it is fast, powerful, and highly reliable. Anyone with a low to average budget can buy this machine for purposeful and quality products. 

Where Can The Air Cushion Machine Be Used?

There are plenty of options where you can use this highly compact and efficient air pillow machinery. But, the best one is to use in e-commerce stores, 

businesses, and other retail online shops. Moreover, some other applications of this machine are as follows:

●An air packaging machine can bring the best results to warehouses and companies.

●You can use it in express logistics or stores.

●It can also work in the printing supplies industry.

●Ceramics and cosmetics can also take benefit from this air machine.

●Electronic products and equipment can also pack easily with this machine.

●You can use it for void filling as well. 

●Any small or large industry can run its business with the help of an air machine.

Along with this, brands and packaging industries can take help from air pillow-making machines on a large scale. It not only produces high-quality 

products but also maintains safe and easy transport of the item.

Final Verdict

Nonetheless, different types of packaging machines are available in the market. But, the air cushioning leaves them all behind due to its high efficiency 

and premium packaging quality. For decades, it is making high-quality products and providing comfort to business companies.


So, if you also have a commerce store or any packaging business, you should try the all-in-one air pillow machine for the best production results.

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