OEM Air Column Bag Custom Size For Your Packaging

July 08, 2022

Are you still looking for some packaging solutions that are especially suitable for you? In order to ensure the safety of your transport products. And it can also be delivered to the customer unscathed.

Then, the air column machine cannot be ignored at this time, because it can be customized according to the size of the product.

The air column machine can be used to produce air column bags of various sizes. If it is used to protect fragile items such as outer boxes, protective products, electronic products, etc., then this air column bag is definitely your first choice.

Because most products are fragile now, every customer does not want the products they buy to be damaged, and the air column bag greatly reduces this damage. You will be amazed by the functionality of the air column bag.

So, let's go into detail about the function of the air column bag.

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So, What Types Of Air Column Bags Are There?

The air column bag can be customized according to some general items. However, most will see four types of air column bags on the market.

  1. 1. U-shaped Air Column Bag

This type of air column bag is very suitable for packaging some water cups, milk powder, etc. It is very commonly used because its opening can be set to open.

2. L-shaped Air Column Bag

As the name suggests, the L-shaped air column bag is like the letter L, with one side smaller than the other. You will find that these bags usually have large openings.

When packing the product inside the L airbag, the longer side is folded to cover the opening for better protection. Air column bags are generally used for the packaging 

of canned items such as milk powder, canned food, large-caliber cans, and storage tanks. In addition, boxed items can also be packaged.

3. Q-shaped Air Column Bag

The Q air column bag is the best-designed air column bag and is very easy to understand. The top of the bag has an opening. However, your product is completely covered 

by the Q airbag after packaging. In addition, it provides 360-degree cushioning protection for the product.

4. Sheet Air Column Bag

The sheet air column bag is ideal for packing items such as laptops because it can be opened at the top and is highly protective.

In addition, there is also a type of air column buffer box, which is generally customized according to the size of the carton. This packaging is especially suitable for protecting 

fragile products such as vases and ceramics. Protect the carton from damage caused by shocks in transit.

First, you need to confirm that:

*Air column membrane of the desired size

*Air column machine or another inflation tool

*Measure the dimensions and specifications required for your product

*Product weight

*Box or carton

After confirming the size of the carton or product, choose an inflation tool for the air column bag or purchase an air column machine to inflate, and put the product into the air 

column bag carefully. You can use the air column box for additional protection.

Finally, seal the carton with tape and ship it to the desired location.

Last Words

Finally, I hope you got enough useful information from this air column bag article. If you run an online sales business or deal with packaging a lot, these tips will be of great benefit to you.

Air Column Bags will never allow your product to be damaged in transit. Also, if you pack items in an air column bag, you can also store them for longer periods of time.

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