Inflatable Air Cushion Film, Size 400mm/350M, For Transportation Protection

July 04, 2022

You must have heard of inflatable packaging, right? Even bought it. If it is, then you must be attracted to it because you like its practicality, lightness, and protection.

Yes, it is not difficult to find that many similar precious cosmetics, precious ceramic treasures, and some fragile items use this inflatable packaging to package products. At present, many companies, express logistics industries, etc. are already using this air cushion packaging system.

It has to be said that using this air cushion packaging can obviously save you about 70% of the packaging cost. In addition, it is necessary for you to get yourself an air mattress machine, so that you can produce air mattresses at home or on any workbench.

If you need to transport many products a day, then this article will definitely help you fully understand the air pillow. So let's take a moment to read this article together.

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First Of All, What Is An Air Cushion?

Air cushions are also known as air pillows, inflatable packaging, air bubble packaging, etc. And it is certain that these air cushions 

are formed to protect the transported items in the carton when they are filled with air.

After the air cushion is inflated in the air cushion machine, 99% of its interior is composed of air. After testing and testing, its 

internal air saturation can be maintained for about 3-5 days. Secondly, its main function is to fully fill the gap inside the carton, 

and provide Cushioning to prevent damage from moving, squeezing, etc.

Usually, many express companies and companies with large transportation volumes will choose to use air cushion film to pack 

some valuables and fragile items, and will choose to use an air cushion machine to inflate the bubble film, these machines can 

be inflated on demand and can accommodate different sizes of air pillows.

Reasons For Choosing Air Cushion Packaging

1. Provides Perfect Protection

Now more and more online shopping, for buyers is nothing more than hope to receive a perfect product. 

Especially food, fragile items, etc., if they are not handled properly, the package will be damaged. In this way, 

you will cause additional customer complaints, courier compensation, and other expenses.

However, air cushion packaging just avoids these situations. It will be a great helper on your shipping packaging.

At this point, you will think of air pillow packaging. After the air pillow is inflated with the air cushion machine, the 

interior will be filled with 99% of the air ratio. Due to the small space, the air pillow can relatively fill a large part of 

the space inside the carton when using the air pillow, providing shockproof and buffer protection functions. They 

protect your belongings by absorbing all kinds of shocks in transit.

Moreover, the transparent color packaging of the air pillow can give customers a good and safe shopping experience 

and improve the shopping impression score.

2. Easy To Use

There are perforations between the air cushion films, so after using the air cushion machine for inflation, they can be torn 

by hand without using scissors or other tools.

The Air Cushion Membrane is easy to store, reducing clutter and making it easy to clean up. Unlike other foam, plastic 

packaging is very messy and pollutes the environment.

3. Cost-effective

No matter what you do, the cost will be taken into account, but with air cushion packaging you don't have to worry about 

this problem at all. why?

The air cushion film is very lightweight and doesn't add extra weight to your shipping costs, which will save you money. In 

addition, the air pillow can be used on-demand, saving storage space and avoiding material waste.

4. Biodegradable Air Cushion Film

The air cushion film is an environmentally friendly packaging material. It is in the state of roll film when not inflated, and is 

made of HDPE film, a disposable material, so it will not cause harmful effects on the environment.

5. Customized Outer Packaging

If you can customize your own logo and brand logo on the packaging, you will be proud of it, and doing so will increase 

your brand awareness.

In addition, the air cushion film has a variety of sizes and thickness specifications, which can be customized according to needs.

6. Save Cost And Space

The air cushion film has different sizes and can be stored in rolls and stacked on warehouse racks, which greatly saves storage 

space and can be used as needed.

How Can The Air Pillow Be Used?

Air pillows have a wide range of applications, and in most cases, they are great for small, lightweight valuables.

Similar to valuable cosmetics, electronic products, medical supplies, etc. can be used. Although it is thin, it has certain cushioning 

properties and even heavy objects can carry their weight.

Final Conclusion

In the end, whether you already have a certain understanding of air cushion packaging, there is no doubt that air cushion plays an 

an important role in packaging.

Air cushions are widely used and can be used on various occasions and are freely produced. If you need to transport a large number 

of goods in one day and you are a merchant such as Taobao or other enterprises, then it will definitely help you to deliver the goods 

to customers safely.

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