Honeycomb Wrapping Solution

June 27, 2022

Have you heard of honeycomb packing paper? If not, do you want to know it too?

If yes, then this article will definitely help you. First, one of its biggest highlights is that honeycomb paper is a sustainable packaging alternative to plastic packaging. As we all know, the use of biodegradable packaging can reduce most ecological problems.

Well, using 100% plastic-free kraft honeycomb paper is one of the best options for filling cartons. Not only does it tightly secure your package but it also keeps it safe. Therefore, a roll of honeycomb paper is enough to support most of the daily necessities in life.

So, it's time to learn more about what is honeycomb paper?

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First Of All, Let Us Understand What Is Kraft Paper Honeycomb?

From the original point of view, the raw material of kraft paper honeycomb is made of natural kraft pulp, which has a 

fiber material that makes it highly ductile. Secondly, the inside of the honeycomb paper will present a natural 3D 

honeycomb structure, which can tightly wrap the object.

When you look closely at the kraft paper honeycomb, you will find that it also has a hexagonal structure when 

extended, so that it can support objects of various shapes, and it is very soft, so you can roll it up to fill the carton 

void. Therefore, your transport items are protected to a great extent from the damage.

Therefore, honeycomb paper can be used for various occasions, such as gift decoration, packaging, and clothing 

decoration, transportation protection, etc.

So, How To Properly Use Honeycomb Paper To Wrap Items?

It must be stated that the use of honeycomb wrap is very time-saving and easy. It only takes 3 simple 

steps and there are no other tedious steps for packaging or decorating.

  1. 1. Spread out

Lay the honeycomb paper flat on the desktop or other workbench, and then gently stretch the honeycomb paper out.

2. Packaging

Because the honeycomb paper has strong ductility, you only need to gently pull out the honeycomb paper, and then 

the honeycomb structure will be revealed, at this time, you can start wrapping your items.

3. Tear-off

When you're done wrapping, you can just tear off other excess honeycomb paper by hand without scissors or other 

tools, which is time-saving and convenient.

So, Let's Take A Look At Its Raw Material - Kraft Paper

Kraft paper itself has ductility and strength that you can't imagine, which is what sets it apart from other papers.

  1. 1.100% Recyclable And Biodegradable

One of the things that distinguish Kraft paper is that it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, as it is composed 

of wood and plant parts that make up resinous pine and bamboo. There is little or no trace of bleach in it, so you 

don't have to worry about the environmental impact of using it, which also reduces environmental waste, which is 

one of the reasons why most people prefer to use kraft paper packaging.

2. Toughness And Tear Resistance

Sulfur is utilized extensively in the production of kraft paper. As a result, the paper is incredibly durable and tear-proof. 

However, you can buy vellum in stronger varieties like pure kraft in the market.

Additionally, it has even better qualities when mixed with honeycomb paper to create honeycomb kraft paper.

3. Wide Range Of Application

Given that it comes in a range of colors and thicknesses, kraft paper has many uses. Additionally, it comes in a wide range 

of variations, including coated and uncoated types. In reality, kraft paper may be used for more than just wrapping; it can 

also be used to wrap presents and papercrafts.

Why Would You Prefer Kraft Paper Honeycomb?

If you don't usually pay attention to honeycomb paper, please pay attention to it immediately. It will make your eyes shine.

  1. 1.Cost-effective

Honeycomb packing paper can help prevent packages from being damaged in transit, and the rolls are inexpensive 

and reusable.

On top of that, honeycomb paper is also very time-saving and improves packaging efficiency. Because it does not 

require additional scissors or tools to cut and use.

2. Easy To Use

Honeycomb paper wrap is very easy to use, you just need to roll up your cargo, then tear it off, and you are done 

with your packaging.

3. Customization

Honeycomb paper rolls are inclusive and malleable, you can use honeycomb wrapping paper for any type of wrapping 

material, and you can wrap items of various shapes. Plus, you don't need to worry about customizing the size and shape 

of the honeycomb. Because honeycomb paper can be customized in size, color, and packaging.

Last Words

Due to consumer demand for ecologically friendly options, the majority of packaging sectors are moving toward sustainable 

packaging methods. By displacing EP foam, PUF, MDF, and bubble wrap in this case, honeycomb sheets are offering the 

best services.

They are incredibly effective and long-lasting for product packaging. Wrapping fragile goods is best done with honeycomb 

packing paper in particular. For the secure transportation of their products, several car parts manufacturing firms rely on 

kraft honeycomb paper.

Therefore, you might also give honeycomb packing paper a chance to demonstrate its superior performance.

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