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The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser is a self-contained and fully recyclable tabletop dispensing packaging unit. The easy-to-use labor splitter requires no power, zero maintenance, and takes up a fraction of the desk space required by competing solutions. Suitable for 50mm honeycomb paper for fast and economical packaging. The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser effortlessly stretches out CE-certified cross-cut honeycomb paper, wrapping 360° around the product, providing double the protection of plastic bubbles, and with no impact on the environment. This groundbreaking paper-based packaging can be dispensed anywhere, from a light-duty free-standing dispenser to an under-the-bench dispenser, both offering the same protection and developed by our own expertise in people design and manufacture.

About us:

We are a professional manufacturer of honeycomb paper, which improves your workflow

while saving valuable space and the expense of shipping large rolls of pre-formed packaging

material—no need to inventory.Large rolls of packing material either! Create packaging materials 

for void fill, cushioning, and blocking/bracing—on demand!


1. Easy to use!--Change the honeycomb wrapping paper into a honeycomb shape just by pulling it.

2. Can improve packaging efficiency!--Be used for packaging without additional cutting tools to improve packaging efficiency.

3. Multiple uses!--Be used for wine box packaging, art, glass products, photo frames, gifts, and exquisite high-end packaging.

4. Perfect protection!--Reduce product damage during delivery, and ensure the goods are in good condition.

5. Environmental friendly!--Made of reusable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly kraft paper buffer material.

Product Description:

1. Safety design without a cutter and easy to use.

2. Designed for long life with minimal maintenance.

4. Quality guarantee and professional technical guidance.

YJPACK Professional Model HP50 Honeycomb Paper--A Cost-Effective, Productive, And Versatile Packaging System Manufacturer

Honeycomb Paper Dispenser Features

The honeycomb paper dispenser is very easy to use and requires no other procedures or manpower to maintain. 

Its appearance is a compact body with four suction cups, which can be firmly adsorbed on the desktop for packaging, 

and the honeycomb paper can be used as needed at the packaging station. , a cost-effective packaging material that 

replaces traditional foam packaging.

And, 0 plastic honeycomb paper will be very popular, 100% recyclable, and compostable magic honeycomb paper 

filled packaging.

This honeycomb paper dispenser is ideal for a wide variety of products due to its expandable 3D honeycomb structure 

and can be used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, ceramic, household, and food industries as well as gift wrapping. 

Kraft paper protects from impacts, while tissue paper protects from scratches.

Honeycomb Paper Dispenser Details Images



                                                               Easy To Maintain

Manual honeycomb paper dispenser for expanding die-cut paper into honeycomb shape for protective 

cushioning, this product is small in size and easy to move.


                                             Easy To Use

When you use the honeycomb paper dispenser for packaging, you only need to gently pull out and roll 

up your goods to complete the packaging, saving a lot of time.


                                      Good Stability

There are four suction cups attached to the bottom of the honeycomb paper dispenser with strong adhesive, 

which can be strongly attached to the desktop for packaging.


                              Plastic Packaging Alternative

Kraft paper honeycomb is 100% recyclable and compostable, you can dispose of it however you want, it 

is an alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

Why Choose To Use Honeycomb Paper Wrap?

*100% recyclable and degradable

*No simple or tape required

*Provides a refined, neatly packaged appearance

*Does not take up storage space

Honeycomb Paper Wrap Product Case

The use of honeycomb paper wrap can fully fill the carton gap so that items will not be damaged due to 

collision, etc., and can be used as gifts to decorate and package fragile items, glass products, etc.

Whether it is decoration or packaging, choosing the kraft paper honeycomb can bring you the greatest benefits, 

not only saving labor but also cost, and its weight is only one-third of the weight of the box. And 100% recyclable 

and degradable.


YJNPACK, make your packaging simpler and make your packaging more environmentally friendly. We are a 

professional manufacturer of protective packaging, a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, 

sales, and after-sales. All products we sell are patented and developed and manufactured by ourselves. Our 

products are sold all over the country to get the maximum benefit for our customers. We protect at least 

millions of packages every day. 

Our packaging machines combine honeycomb paper, air-cushion film, kraft tape, honeycomb paper mailer, kraft 

paper rolls, and new packaging materials to provide customers with a one-stop packaging solution.


1. Will they work with jewelry packing?

I think, as long as everything is in boxes, it will work well. It is perforated and the perforations open providing almost 

a netting effect when the paper is bunched up. Hope this helps.

2. What are your warranty terms?

We provide a 1-year warranty for our cushion packaging machines.

3. Is the roll before or after it is stretched?

The paper is unstretched on the roll. You may stretch the paper after it has been cut into smaller pieces. 

4. Why choose honeycomb packing paper?

Honeycomb paper is 100% recyclable and degradable, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

Next, you will definitely care about these issues.

  1. 1. Why Choose The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser HP50-01?

  2. 2. How To Use The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser?

    3. Is Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Good?

4. Is Honeycomb Paper Sustainable?

Why Choose The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser HP50-01?

This Honeycomb Paper Dispenser provides an easy-to-use method as it has a strong sticky suction cup attached 

to the bottom, so you can place it on the tabletop for packaging is very simple, and the honeycomb packing paper

 is also an alternative to Bubble Wrap.

When you need to wrap, just complete 3 steps, you just need to gently pull out the honeycomb paper, then roll up 

your wrapping item, and tear it off without any cutting and tape.

This eco-friendly honeycomb paper dispenser can be used on-demand, ideal for e-commerce and some other medium 

to large businesses will help you get the most out of the least material for an easier and more environmentally friendly 

way of packaging.

How To Use The Honeycomb Paper Dispenser?

*Manual output

*Gently pull out the length you want

*Roll up your belongings

*Then just tear it off

*No need for any scissors or tape

Is Kraft Paper Honeycomb Good?

When you have a roll of honeycomb paper packaging material, you will need a honeycomb paper dispenser for auxiliary packaging, 

which can help you stretch the honeycomb paper to wrap your items faster. It is more suitable for small and medium-sized logistics 

enterprises or households and small and medium-sized e-commerce industries.

Is Honeycomb Paper Sustainable?

Packaging in this kraft honeycomb wrapping paper makes it more sustainable. A paper that is more sustainable than 

paper made from trees. Environmental business solutions that meet your business needs. Of course, it comes in rolls, so 

when you have packaging needs, you can consider owning this honeycomb paper dispenser, so that the honeycomb paper 

can be better stretched out of the honeycomb structure for wrapping.

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