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AP400 air cushion machine is an exquisite, compact, and easy-to-operate inflatable air cushion device, weighing less than 6kg, voltage capacity is suitable for 110-240V, intelligent control interface and easy to use, can adjust the length according to the size of the item, and product temperature, speed, etc., suitable for small Factories, warehouses, and shops.

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Products Description  

YJNPACK Air Cushion Machine is a substitute for the traditional bubble film and bubble packaging, which produces an efficient cushioning effect during the 

packaging and transportation process, effectively protecting the product from moving easily and is easy to operate and get started.

Our Advantages

Product Details

                           High Speed And Efficiency Increase

AP400 air cushion machine 15 m/min, short warm-up time, can work after power-on, which greatly saves

           working time, and is suitable for suppliers who have a large number of shipments every day.

                                            Strong Tightness

Through the operation of the smart screen, the temperature, air volume, speed, etc. can be independently adjusted, and the 

air cushion film has a significant sealing effect, and the product can be protected intact no matter what the environment.

                              Significant Cushioning Effect

The air-cushion pillow produced by this air-cushion machine not only saves space but also contains 99% of air, which 

         can bear heavy objects, and has a strong air-tightness that can last about a week without air leakage.

                          Convenient And Fast Maintenance

The internal structure is simple, and the heating belt is easy to replace, which saves machine production time. It is small 

                                    in size and does not take up space. It can be placed at will.

First Choice For Industrial Products

Our Company Show

1.Automated Production

2.Five Years OEM/ODM Experience

3.Advanced Production Technology

4.Strict Quality Control System

5.Strong Production Team

We are a YJNPACK company, we have a strong production team and strict production and quality control system, and we are committed to providing customers with solutions in product packaging. Our packaging is suitable for medium and large enterprises, express logistics, packaging fragile products, glass products, valuables, etc. If you are interested in the product, please contact us!


1.Is the product durable?

Our products have a 3-year warranty, which is not only durable but also long-lasting.

2.What is the weight of this item?

The weight of this product is insufficient 6kg.

3.Can you guarantee the product?

Our products have undergone tensile tests, negative pressure testing machines, and gravity pressure limit tests to ensure safety and quality.

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